❤Unconditional Love❤

A Poem Dedicated to My Ever Loving and Prayer Warrior Mom on Her 60th Birthday❤

Unconditionally! thou has loved me,
Amidst my flaws and shortcomings,
My imperfections and weaknesses,
Thou converted into strength and opportunities!

How wonderful thy has been, mom!
The mother that begot kings and queens,
You’re a strong and virtuous woman,
A Mother with noble character!

Happy Birth Anniversary Mon

When dad was no more,💔
You took up the mandate,🔥
We never missed daddy much,
You stood in between the gap for us!🔥

When I lost all the hope of formal education,
You sent me back to school,❤❤
You restored my hope and helped me build my dream,
Your love, care and tenderness are unheard of!
Strongest mom ever liveth!

Life is a military sphere;
You thought me how to be a soldier,❤❤
You prepared me emotionally, spiritually and otherwise
What a confidence you embedded in me? Mom!

Growing up under your care and love sustains me
You’re my protector and backbone,❤❤
You sacrificed your happiness for our sake
You will forever be my mother!

World Best Mum

You become a debtor to see me
Pull through in life,❤❤
When nobody was there for me,
You whispered into my ear and said,
“Son keep moving I am here for you”

How do I repay this unconditional love,
This irrevocable love of yours mummy,
God will keep you for me to reap the fruits
Of your hard work. ❤❤
The fruit of your sacrifices, thou shall reap!

Indeed, life’s milestones are not supposed to be counted,
They’re supposed to be celebrated.
I celebrate you today mummy as you approach your magnificent!
Happy 60th birthday world best mom!❤❤

I am so fortunate to have a wonderful mother like you!!❤❤


Your Son,
Justice Winner
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