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By Ngwu Victor Chinonso

As 2019 election is fast approaching, all this blood sucking politians are busy from one alter to another seeking for peoples blood to waste in other to retain power.

You are there hustling to make it in life BUT your enemies are having sleepless night trying to waste your life, even those people you have helped in life are also seeking for your downfall. Now hear the prophecy, *They shall gather but if not of the lord they will scatter. *You shall not die unfulfilled life *You are Apple of Gods eyes *The name of Jesus is your stronghold

May thunder from heaven locate and eliminate every plans of the enemies against your life Amen. May the name of JESUS CHRIST answer them when ever they call your name Amen May you be victorious over every fight you may have with your enemies Amen.

THE NAME JESUS CHRIST IS YOUR BACKBONE AMEN. Comr Victor Chinonso is a certified journalist.
A graduate of Federal polytechnic Oko,Anambra state.
He studied Mass Communication.
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