3 Sneaky Steps To Make A Man Commit To You

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All men are committable if you go about it the right way of making them stay committed.
If you’re wondering why a man won’t commit to you , as many of my clients do, then one (if not all) 3 important steps is missing.
Commitment is a step-by-step process for men, and these 3 steps are how you get a man to commit to a relationship. You can’t skip or wash over a step or it won’t work:
Step 1: Give him the problem.
One of the biggest reasons why men don’t commit to a relationship with you is that they don’t know that they have to. This is a big mistake that women make when they don’t give the man the problem.
As I demonstrate in my Chemistry to Commitment DVD, there is an art and technique to giving a man the problem as there is to all these steps.
Men like problems because they like to solve them . By the way, complaining is not the correct way to give a man the problem. There is a better way that actually works and that is to always give him the problem.
Step 2: Never give him the solution.
This is a more subtle reason why men don’t commit . You may think that telling him what to do will fix the problem. This never works. This will make him your child , which makes you his mother.
Children are not known for taking on responsibility, they let you do it. There is a way to let him know exactly what to do but giving him the solution is not it which ties into the next step.
Step 3: Always make it his idea.
This is the ultimate reason why men don’t commit. If it’s not his idea, then you don’t have a relationship or a commitment . You have a dream.
This is where you get close to commitment but he never quite gets around to it. It leaves you frustrated and resentful ultimately ending the relationship bitterly because there’s no momentum and no plan.
If you don’t know how to make it his idea however you realize how important it is and you’re tired of wondering why men don’t commit to you, then please stop wasting your time being frustrated.
When you understand the 3 steps and how to deliver them in a way men understand, you’ll realize all men are committable when you know what you’re doing.

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