30 Days of Poetry: THE REBIRTH: (A true life story)

Day 13.

My childhood was bitter

full of pains and anger
Such a terrible experience
growing up with sickness
I was so sick
my parents couldn’t take it
They truly tried
all they possibly could
But to get better
I was getting “sicker”
As a teenager
my menstruation stopped
At such a young age
my growth also stopped
I couldn’t sleep at night
coughing blood through the night
All my body hurts
from the injections I got
Totally dependent on drugs
to early grave I was being dragged
From hospital to hospital
seeking for solution
that would heal me in total
All the daily devotion
asking God for a miracle
seemed to be hitting an obstacle
Nothing was working
and the clock was ticking
At the hospital I saw
people dying before my eyes
I knew my death would come
when it gets to my turn
I prayed to die and rest
for everyone to be at peace
My parents had done their best
Heaven at last with Christ
When all hope was lost
God arose to fight
After ten years of predicament
God brought my settlement
I am a graduate
my credentials are adequate
I am grateful
to those that stood faithful
My parents, my sister and my pastor
But above all, my creator
I am healed
Yes, I am healed
I did not die
God does not lie.

Composed & Written by
Kelechi Onuoha.
© ’19.

As was inspired by
Sophia Sophia’s true life story.

Happy Birthday to me

mytestimony# From 2005-2015

Now look at me

Just finished my primary school and was happy to enter secondary school. Imagine a young girl full of life aspiring to enter the next level of life (puberty age and secondary school) but was attacked by disease that I don’t know where it came from.
Thinking that it’s just a sickness because right from origin, I’ve been the sick type, always on drugs, yet I don’t like taking drugs. Aside drinking medicine, I prefer injection to others.

September, my unforgettable month. Hmmmmm
My faith and aspiration failed me when I was expecting the sickness to stop but couldn’t see the healing coming forth.

Days, weeks, months pass by but I was still down. My parents became afraid, they tried all they could but nothing was happening. People started coming, advising my parents where to take me to.

I was on medication (both injection, drip and drinking). I won’t forget the injection that they used to give me that time. Once I’m been injected that drug, it would be as if I’m been squeezed with iron, no movement or turning for about ten to thirty minutes.

The day I knew that water has passed Garri was the day I looked at myself at the mirror, I found out that I was a walking corpse, so lean like a single broom. I also found out that I was not growing again. Menstruation ceased at that early stage, everything in my body stopped developing.

I coughed constantly, very dizzy, constant headache, pains and cold. Before I knew what is happening, I started coughing out blood and that made my parents to constantly administer blood injection to me, morning and night. I was still going to school despite the sickness but I found out that I couldn’t socialise anymore before of the constant cough.

My parents became tired because there was no result. I even became tired and was waiting for the day I’ll stopped breathing so that I’ll rest. Neighbours were also waiting to hear my death. My dad and mom always prayed for me but one-day, my dad told me that he’s tired, he had spent all his money on me, if I want to die, I should die so that he’ll rest. My mom told me one-day also that she’s tired because that day she was annoyed, that after the blood injection, not less than hour, there was no blood in my body again. But even at that, my mum will still check me hundred times at night to know if I’m still breathing and would always call my name.

I went to General hospital Enugu-ukwu but was later redirected to iyi-enu hospital ogidi. I was diagnosed of tb but how come. Nobody has suffered it from my family. How do I contacted it. Hmmmm. I went for X-ray, all my ribs were damaged, the remaining one was just remaining little to darkened. I was admitted immediately because I was already vomiting blood. I was on intensive care.

A day before I came there, about two people vomited blood and died. So, they were just trying their best. It wasn’t easy shaa but God saw me through. I stayed in the hospital for two months before I was discharged, I thanked God because a man we finished discussing with died that same night. Can’t finish all my experience at the hospital here.

When I came back home, I was happy but after some months, another September, it started again. I cried, everybody in the family were tired especially my little sis because she can’t miss mum again (tears dropping-at her tender age, she suffered hunger and lacks moms care because of me). I went to another hospital, i was diagnosed of the same thing but was told that I’m going to die if the sickness persisted. I said to myself “whose report shall you believe ” I prayed, my family members prayed and my pastor (Rev Njoku Moses) took it upon himself never to rest till I’m free.

I was on injection for two months and six months drinking of medicine. After that, nothing happened, my parents became tired of taking me from one place to another.

I continued coughing and dying in pain. I gave up, I told my family and pastor that I want to die, I don’t feel like living anymore. This continued till I finished my secondary school, enter higher institutions. I was afraid of going to school because of my predicament.
As of that time, I vomit anything that entered my mouth and I sleep only on chairs because my two sides were affected badly and constant coughing and spatting of blood.

After, ten years of my predicament, God healed me after a prophetic night in the church
Hahahaha #laughing#

Now, I’m healed, no more medication, no more sweater or isolation, no tb, no cough, no restrictions again. I’ve grown into full a full succulent lady. I’m 100% OK. God bless you all that see to my recovery. My great two friends that were there for me at school Chidinma Iheagwu and Ezeigwe Genevieve Onyinye, God bless two of you abundantly. Missing you guys. My family, I’m forever indebted to you especially my super mum, dad and little sisi, brothers (Nwosi Engr Emmanuel Chinenye Nwosi and Gozie, my lovely aunt Patience Nwosi and every other one’s), my wonderful pastor Moses Njoku, I’ll never forget you. God bless you all.

It can only be you Jesus, my life is forever indebted to you Jesus.

Happy Birthday to me.

Let’s wish Sophia birthday

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