A Country Where Immorality Prevails

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”Evil prevails when good men do nothing”

Immorality has eaten deep into the veins of our quotable ‘leaders of tomorrow” and like a rotten egg, it stinks in our nation today. Immorality which is synonymous with corruption, bribery,nudity,dishonesty, illegality and a host of other vices pose a serious threat to the development of our nation.

No gain-saying, immorality is the cause for the precarious state of our dear nation today. It’s contained everyday in the crime page; cases of insecurity, kidnapping, embezzlement of public funds by government officials, campus prostitution, child trafficking,selling of grade,cultism,drug abuse and off course the latest in town ‘nudity’.

Little wonder then, Raheem posit that ‘the Nigerian society today has gone beyond reason and commonsense. Maybe because we now live in the so called global village, daily stung by the effects of socio globalization where many, most especially the youths, are either facebooking, tweeting or using all brands of tablet, androids and i-phones, it is why perhaps, in the last couple of years, an ever increasing moral and social decadence seem to apparently hit us on the face’.

The fast eroding of our moral standards as a result of western civilization is an issue of great concern. Our youths has lost their sense of morality and sanity to ‘nudity’. It’s now ‘if you don’t dress half naked, you are not fashionable or you are outdated brand’.

It’s appalling to say that the church which is supposed to set moral standards for the youths have also inducted nudity as a doctrine into the church.

Looking back to history, the late sixties down to the nineties in Nigeria happened to be a period philosophers described as solitary, brutish, nasty and short. Despite the societal cleavages, people still maintained a sense of moral decorum. I read in history how people dared never to smoke in public in the nineties, for it appeared to be a serious crime and shame. Dressing half naked was taken with harsh criticism, while sexual immorality was not taken with kid gloves. Many always had it at the back of their minds that they must not forgot the child of whom they were. Several acts of immorality were committed during dark hours of the day because doing it openly obviously was a shame for the individual and his immediate family.

We are the architects of what stirs up in our face today. We exchanged our sanity with nudity. Sex in the public places has become a modern day culture which we are now comfortable with. It is disgusting and non commendable how well-meaning Nigerians do partner with TV show owners to promote immorality. How we swallowed the Western culture sink and hook with no sense of responsibility and morality.

The Nigerian state is no far better than the ravaged biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. Homosexuality and lesbianism is gaining full ground on a daily basis and nobody seems to be talking about it any longer after their initial gra-gra hype.

The crime column of virtually all the active newspapers in Nigeria has been given massive page planning than what other columns are given because of the increase in crime across the nation.

Fact remains that the  Western culture we all struggle to imbibe has gotten us nowhere, but rather, continues to destroy the social fabric of our society. The Nigerian youths rather than being productive are either on facebook, sharing nudes on snapchat or tweeting their lives away or even watching pornography or immoral reality TV shows which in real sense earns them nothing but stagnation. There is no harm in having fun, but when we do it with so much addiction and no sense of responsibilities, forgetting we have a role to play for ourselves and the society as at large, it then becomes a huge problem.

The family as the primary pointer of their wards should not disregard their roles as counselors and guardians. Over the years, there has been several cases of parents working out their lives in their offices so to put food on the table and living their wards at the care of or no house help. Hence, posing greater problem to the society.

The church should wake up from their slumber and take the bull by the horn. The doctrine of ‘Come to Church as you are’ which have promoted nudity within and outside the church should be taken out of the church for morality and God’s sake.

Government of all levels; local, state and federal are not left out in this mission of restoring our lost glory as a nation and Christian state for that matter. There should be a kind of sensitization and flushing out of bad eggs from public offices.

The media in their bid to inform and entertain should be cautious of the kind of music/music video they promote. They should always take cognizance of the younger generations who are watching and never expose them to sexually vulgar and uncensored music videos.

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