By conventional and traditional perspective, greatness has been falsely defined and should be defied.

With the view of traditional ideology, greatness is based on ones level of possession which by such definition, the means is overlooked most times. But in reality and truest definition supported by the greatest teacher of all time_Jesus Christ, greatness is based on ones contributions to his generation.

Myles Munroe put it this way, ” The value of life is not in its duration rather in its donation”
Therefore, to be great you must serve that gift inherent in you.

1. Your gifts are what will determine how great you will be.

No doubt, there is no one without a gift but the irony is that many will live their life without realising that and end in frustration.

2. Have you discovered your gift?_ Self_discovery

Greatness begins when you are able to know who you are and your assignment on earth. Every human has a something to offer in the universe of humanity.
Take time to know who you are, what you have and your assignment on earth.

3. Develop the person you are

This is another important step to greatness. Some people do not appreciate who they are and what they have and as such the end their life grappling to get what they are not made with. Some people are lackadaisical and complacent about their gift. If you must be great you have to develop that which is in you. The lion in you want to roar. The place of development is essential to your achievement. If you can sing, know that there are others who can sing too.
Humans have affinity for the best. Always strive to be the best version of yourself. Give your self to training, pay the necessary price it will take to improve yourself.

4. Develop and refine that gift.

Men can pay you for your gift. No one will think of rewarding you when you are not good enough.

5. Finally, I tell you, the mainstay of greatness lies on your service. Serve the world with what you have.
It’s not given just for you, it’s given for the world. Serve yourself to the world.
Don’t bury that unique gift you have. Someone out there is in need of what you carry.

Remember, when you think of making positive contribution to better the lives of people you get rewarded with possessions.

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