Abuse of Intellect: Cause of Moral Decadence in the Educational System

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It is amazing to state that the youths of these days are morally bankrupt. Our society in general has witnessed a tremendous deterioration in its moral, social and decay in its educational system, especially as a result of the abuse of intellect. However, the issue of moral decadence in our education system has become a very controversial issue because the society seemed not to know the disparity between what is morally right or wrong. Little wonder, Ugwu (2010:46) described morality as “the astuteness of one’s conduct and behaviour which enhances good conduct and fair relationship.
Muraino  and Ugwumba (2014) asserted that Morality is collectively upholding of certain beliefs, ideas, values and behaviours, rules and regulations which are considered good, right  and acceptable by the society and to which members of the society are bound. Gert  (2012), posited that the descriptive definition of morality explains moral as  set  of  conduct put forward by any group; including a society; and the normative definition  which is based on the idea that what is moral should have a code of conduct, that is  put forward by a society and that it should be accepted as a guide to behaviour by  members of that society.
Therefore, from the above definitions, morality seems to be a  set of code of conducts put forward by any group, society or nation that is acceptable  by members of the group. Abuse of intellect is the failure to  uphold sound morality in our educational system;hence, moral decadence in our educational system. Abuse of intellect is the act of behaving in a way that brings low moral standards and ridicule into the system.
It means gross reduction in the moral values in the educational system. Thus, abuse of intellect appears to be the neglect ‘in  the moral standard of the educational system. It seems to be  deterioration or a collapse in upholding our educational values and ethical  standards.
There has been a lot of controversies in determining the major cause of moral decadence in the educational sphere. Many authors argue that the family which is the primary socialization agency is to be blamed, others the church, government and the students in particular are the architects of their own problems. Little wonder, Afuye (2015) argued that the students are the cause of the decadence as a result of their immoral acts in the tertiary institutions which includes: cultism, Rape, examination malpractice,Teenage pregnancy, students prostitution, sexual harassment, sale of  “Grade”, students demonstration, drug abuse, indecent dressing and so on.
I don’t want to disagree with Afuye in his postulations rather I want to give another perception of the moral decadence in our educational system. You can term my postulations beneath “Students View of the Moral Decadence in the Nigerian Educational System”.
In this postulation termed “Students view of moral decadence in the Nigerian educational system”, I argue that “Abuse of intellect” is the ‘major’  cause of moral decay in our citadels of learning across the nation with the following points.
Recalled that I defined abuse of intellect as the act of behaving in a way that brings low moral standards and ridicule into the educational system at the introductory stage? I know that at this stage, you are inquisitive to know who are the abusers of intellect. I acknowledge your eagerness to know. Am getting to the peak of my argument.
Permit me to inform you that when things fall apart, it’s center cannot hold. Permit me further to inform you that those who are supposed to be role models in the educational sphere are the reason why campus prostitution is on the increase because these innocent girls which 75% of them are from average Nigeria homes wants to get money to buy compulsory textbooks so lecturers will pass them. The compulsory buy my textbooks and not borrow from a family member or friends who has graduated is an issue of major concern.
How do we reconcile the fact that some of the role model symbols in the educational sphere will subject students in what I tag “Sort or fail syndrome” of education? Where is the sanity in our educational system? Can these set of students who are not being encouraged to read and pass their exams be capable to inculcate good morals and lecture the generations to come? Your guess is as good as mine.
The system of project writing final students in this country are being encouraged by their project supervisors to produce is nothing to write home about. The photograph attached with this article is typical example of what am saying. Where some of  the project supervisors sell already written projects to their students to copy and submit back, what do you expect if not what is in the image below?
#To be continued!
#Followup: Part Two: Dangers of intellect abuse and possible ways of curbing the menace.

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