#Amustread: A TRUE LIFE STORY!

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  • Please don’t ignore to read this especially ladies.

By Ngwu Victor Chinonso

I was in my friends car going for a meeting down to Nsukka, when we got to Old Park along Enugu road Nsukka quickly my friend looked out and saw her girlfriend, though he has been planning to marry her but still making enquiries so that he won’t make mistakes in marriage.

He called me Bright and i answered, he said you see that girl,pointing at the girl. I said yes and i asked what about her, he told me that is his girlfriend studying at UNN but she told him she will be travelling to Anambra and he even promised to send her money when she get there yesterday but here she is . We kept on with our journey when he asked me what do i think, i was dumbfounded because am still a virgin and i don’t know much about boyfriends and girlfriends, so seeing i couldn’t say a word, he now told me to watch out for a drama and he picked up his phone,and started calling the girl. This was there conversation:

MY FRIEND: hello babe

THE GIRL : hi honey

MY FRIEND: wad up with you?

THE GIRL: am fine just missing you, how is Lagos?

MY FRIEND: wow Lagos is so cool with its busy traffic, so how is Anambra and studies?

THE GIRL: baby i didn’t travel again oo, one lecturer fixed practical for us today am at Old Park Nsukka now about to enter UNN shuttle down to school, I will call you when i reach inside school, bye for now.

MY FRIEND: ok bye take care ,till then.


On hearing this, my friend started shading tears very uncontrollably right inside the car and was asking what manner of girl is this that she is so trustworthy not only telling him she didn’t travel again but also told him that she was entering inside UNN shuttle just exactly what he saw out there. The conclusion was that right inside that car, he finally made up his mind to settle down with that girl. The engagement party will take place next weekend and even up till now, the girl in question is not even aware about all that transpired including the engagement plan. THE FRUIT OF BEING HONEST!

Comr Victor Chinonso is a certified journalist.
A graduate of Federal polytechnic Oko,Anambra state.
He studied Mass Communication. Victor on Facebook

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