Are you aspiring for any post come 2018 in SUG FPO? This is for you!

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Good day great and efficient political managers of the polytechnic of the moment. I really wish to commend you all for the efforts you have all been pulling so far pertaining the forthcoming student union government election of federal polytechnic oko, Anambra state, 2018/2019 section.

I have been added to several WhatsApp groups, read well constructed and formatted goodwill messages…..kudos but  there is more to it, hence this address campaign managers and aspirants.
 I wish to bring to your notice sir/ma that we render bulk sms services. I know someone might say, what do I need bulksms for? Yes! You need it to make your job as a campaign manager which is a sensitive one to be more successful. Your client might not know this but I put it to you to sell the idea to them.
Our bulksms service would help you get to the inbox and minds of the students of our digital polytechnic. Our school has gone digital and no-gain saying it’s waste of efforts to be printing papers in and outside the polytechnic community because the dangers associated with it cannot be overemphasized. So why take such risk that might lead to the disqualification of ur client DEAR MANAGERS?
Looking for next step to take now?……..
I am here to direct you. Subscribe to our bulk sms services as low as #3 per page. We can help u convey ur goodwill messages and wishes to our students directly to their inbox. We also can help u send your visions and aspirations to them in due manner.
Note: What we read on walls we can easily forget but what we have in our phone inbox, we cannot forget.
We can also help make you more popular on campus with our strategic advert management. We can make your #oncampusname a department brand and  student’s delight, with that alone, you can intimidate and win.

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