As Dangerous as Rape


“Give me life, give me pain, give me myself again.” -Tori Amos

There is no gain-saying that a whole lot of people know less than nothing about the subject-rape. But after reading this article, you will be able to understand what rape is all about,how to prevent it and if you’re a rape survivor, this article will help you convalescent quickly and to let the past to live behind you. Read on!

What is rape?

According to wikipedia, “rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration carried out against a person without that person’s consent”. If the above definition of rape by wikipedia is generally accepted, permit me then to state that rape is a daily committed crime among spouses,teenagers and youths at large. No wonder it’s on record in America that “number of women in the US impregnated against their will each year as a result of rape is estimated at 32,000”.(American Journal)
Dear reader, permit then to further state that rape is not a Third World Based Crime. Never!

Furthermore, if rape is the most committed crime across the globe and not 3rd world based only, How then do we prevent this cankerworm that has eaten deep into us? Why I said ‘us’ is because at this point, I want to drive home.

It’s pointless saying that rape is a new comer in the Nigerian state; hence rape is as old as the Nigerian state. There has been so many campaigns carried out by the media and other agencies in creating awareness against rape. But how successful are they?
See let me tell you reader, rape has metamorphosed from what it used to be to a community problem and as such, it ought to be everyone’s business. However, as gathered from the ongoing campaign by the US against rape, ‘every woman deserves a fair treatment.’ So to ensure this fair treatment among our women, there has to be a kind of sensitization and more importantly, the media has to reactivate their Agenda Setting powers to create a powerful campaign against rape. The Executives, Legislatures and Judiciaries are not left out. There has to be a strong policy which will be aimed at bringing any culprit to book so as to serve as a warning to others. Again, our religious and other institutions has greater role to play in inculcating good morals and discipline amongst members.

Conclusively, our learning institutions both lower and higher should give students basic sex education right from tender age. Teach them the good and the bad with it’s consequences on them. For the bible said ‘ Bring up a child the way he should go, for when he grows, can never depart from it.

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