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Sometimes I sit back and wonder the essence of this show called Big Brother 9ja. I try very hard on daily basis to ascertain it’s moral  impact on our youths and great Nigerian students at large. I tried to see the show from the perceptive of the sponsoring bodies and government appropriate authorities. I tried to see the reason why several companies  partner and struggle to sponsor the show. I tried to see why wrong instead of right is being encouraged in our modern society today. I tried to see why our genius are not being encouraged the way this set of folks with empty brains in BB9Ja do get encouragement to useless themselves.
Then, I discovered that the water got stirred from the water bank. I realized that our government and other socialization agencies has deviated from the moral principle of social standard. It took me to what Gandhi wrote in his book titled ‘Principle Centered Leadership’ where he highlighted the seven deadly sins.
According to Gandhi wealth without work top the list of the seven deadly sins. He describe wealth without work as ”the practice of getting something for nothing – manipulating markets and assets so you don’t have to work or produce added value, just manipulate people and things. Today there are professions built around making wealth without working, making much money without paying taxes, benefiting from free government programs without carrying a fair share of the financial burdens, and enjoying all the perks of citizenship of country and membership of corporation without assuming any of the risk or responsibility”
After reading this life changing book of Gandhi, I realised that we are the cause of our problem. Because the government have failed to reward hard work in our society today. They have failed on their part to implement favorable policies that will encourage hard work and make the citizens and youths in particular live comfortable and responsibly in the society.
No gain-saying that when things fall apart that its centre cannot hold again. This is the case of our today’s youths. The syndrome of get rich quick to live comfortable with no sense of social responsibility has eaten deep in the heart and minds of the youths.
There is no prestige and moral integrity in them again. Just last week a youth in my community walked naked round the community in a bid to win two thousand naira bet and last night Princess showed her nakedness to the world in a bid to win a show.
Well, am not here to condemn anybody but to make a passionate appeal to the Nigeria government. I urge the Senate to pass a bill that will restrict if not, totally ban this show called “Big Brother 9ja” on the ground that it has no moral value and impact on the citizenry and the youths in particular.

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