BOOK REVIEW: Benjamin By Nwakaozor Victor

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Book Title: Benjamin Author: Nwakaozor Victor Genre : Short Story(E-Book) Chapters: Three Pages:  21 Reviewer: Justice Winner ————————————————————————-Download Now


Benjamin” by Nwakaozor Victor is the diary of a child who had a very rough upbringing and also very optimistic about his future chances of making it to the top one day as inspired by her late mum which he lost to the cold hands of death at a very tender .

The short story portrayed the impeccable bond/relationship that could exist between mother and her son while highlighting on the hard economy and political stability of our father’s land, Nigeria.

The Author’s mastery of the elements of short stories could be seen in the choice of the literally devices he used in chapters of the book. He didn’t jump into telling the stories in chapter one but created the right atmosphere and giving background information to what drove him into the ‘diary of his many years ago’.

The judicious use of flashback literally device with precise dates and time in the book makes it to standout among other books of the same genre both in hard and soft copies.

The Author spoke the language of the time in the book. He published the book in a format that is very much accessible by the teeming youths of the 21st century which are his core targeted readers.

‘Benjamin’ is a free e-book and can be downloaded online free of charge with less than 3mb of your data in PDF format by clicking on the link below

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Back to our review……….’

‘Benjamin’ is inspiring as well as motivating. I therefore recommend it to all as it’s message and moral lessons cuts across all walks of life with the plight and realities of life in our country today.

‘Benjamin’ is a timely short story and a must read even as 2019 presidential general election fast approaches.

The lessons of the 2003 general election could be very much helpful in this era. Just download and Read ‘Benjamin’ to learn the lessons yourself. It’s hot…..It’s intriguing…..It’s Downloadable…… It’s Benjamin…… Let’s ‘Benjamin’ it Folks!!! Download Link( Click on Me)

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