Can I Possibly Make It And Be Prominent?

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On the road to success, people take to different paths and to several methods of movement such as crawling,walking, running,etc. Well,they all happen on land, giving ri

se to much rivalry, unnecessary competition and congestion. However, up in the air, congestion exists. In the air numerous birds exist but there is one group with very keen and good sight,powerful, prestigious, courageous and brave that flies at altitude above other birds THE EAGLE. If you want to soar high in life, you have to be exceptional and courageous just like the eagle.


This is one of the mind bugging questions in the hearts of young Nigerian students today. You too might have asked such question. You can make it, if only you can give yourself and concentrate all your efforts because whatsoever you don’t give your time will deny you of your right when the time comes.

Many a Nigerian youths who constantly have not done well in school keep on asking, “IS THERE A WAY OUT?, CAN I BE PROMINENT”?. Many wan to be serious with their studies but just cannot help themselves while some have been defeated by themselves(SELF DEFEAT), saying, success is not for me, so I cannot make it. I want to put it to you at this point that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Phil.4:13) and also determination is the key behind every successful man. No man was born a failure.

A failure for six years can rise today to become successful if right steps are taken. Most of the time, great men usually rise from dungeons of obscurity to limelight. Don’t say that only those from wealthy family can make it. YES! YOU TOO CAN MAKE IT.
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