DG Revive Africa Initiative Calls For 40% Youths Inclusive Governance

The director general of Revive Africa Initiative, Amb. Ugagaoghene Enarise Ogheneyole has called for a diplomatic campaign on forty percent youths inclusive and participation in governance across Africa.

He made this remark during an interactive session with a group of young African leaders yesterday.


According to him, ‘While the demographics of leadership of the world over is getting younger, ours is getting ancestral. Many developed countries and continents have recently, committed themselves to the pursuit of significant youth inclusion and participation in both political and corporate governance to give room for smooth transition from the older generation to the younger generation of leaders. Most of these nations have produced very young heads of state, heads of legislature, members of parliament, districts and regional governors and young executives at different levels’.


Africa is being left behind in this regards, what we have mostly across the continent are octogenarians and a plethora of old politicians being recycled over and over again in positions of authority and governance“. He noted.

Amb. Ugagaoghene reiterated the backward nature of Africa in all spheres of human endeavor.

In his words, “Must we always arrive late? Must we always tag along behind the world? Did you know that the first ATM in the world was installed in 1967, America had theirs in 1969- two years later, Nigerias first ATM was in 1990- twenty three years late, Ghana had hers in 1995 -twenty eight years later, Somalia had theirs in 2014-forty five years later”.

Right now the world is experiencing a wave of change, a systematic transition of power from older generation of leaders to the younger generation of emerging leaders. This systematic change has allowed for the injection of new breed of leaders into the political and corporate space to allow for a good number of young persons to participate actively in governance alongside older and more experienced players. This is to give room for young emerging leaders to introduce fresh, smart and new ideas to political and corporate governance while being guided and mentored by the older generation simultaneously”..


This trend is very applicable as it does not only present leadership opportunities for young leaders but provide a platform for ‘on-the-spot’ and ‘on-the-job’ mentorship for your emerging leaders while contributing fresh ideas to the system, enhancing effectiveness, bridging the mentorship gap between the older and younger generation, thereby, practically eliminating the possibility and emergence of accidental leaders at any point in time“.

Majority of the older generation leaders are unwilling to leave the stage, most of them intend to remain in power and control for as long as they are alive and continually pursue their agenda to remain in power by constantly blacklisting the youths as not being focused, capable or ready for leadership. They use the funds acquired over time to engage the youths who present themselves for leaderships positions in an unhealthy competitions. They set mecahinaries to disorient and misinform the unsuspecting populace and locals about issues relating to governance and youth participation….he noted!

Amb. Ugagaoghene ended his speech with the following remarkable points:

1. Sponsorship of legislative bills in support of the agenda in respective legislatures by groups of young legislators and progressive minds,

2. Simultaneous public sensitization and enlightenments of the populace/electorates through town hall meetings, door-to-door outreaches and group/pear influence.

3. Periodically well organized continent wide national rallies in support of the agenda across member nations, say every, in every three months to trigger mass awareness and international discussions.

4. Establishment of a stronger network of young leaders across member nations for the purpose of continued strategizing on the possibilities of methodologies of achieving this progressive agenda.

5. Intensified social media and online campaigns for youth inclusion/participation setting forty percent (40%) as a standard or a model for satisfaction below which is not acceptable to the youths.
It is my belief that the adoption of these agenda by the African Union will engender a new and better future for the youths.

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