Difference between NYSC graduation list and NYSC Senate list

-How to successfully check your name on the the respective links

This two lists, NYSC graduation list and NYSC senate list has posed great confusion to prospective corp members especially when a PCM sees his or her name in the graduation list and not on the senate list.

This article seeks to differentiate between this two confusing list. Read and share to other PCMs.

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What is NYSC graduation list

This is the approved list that contains the names of students that graduated from respective Nigeria Universities and are ready for NYSC (They have been cleared by their school).

The National youth service corps has made it compulsory that all Corps producing institutions are to submit their graduation list to NYSC for mobilization and documentation.

NOTE : If your name is not listed in the graduation list after you might have successfully checked, it means that you still have many things to settle with the institution you graduated from.

Dissimilarities between NYSC Graduation list and NYSC Senate list

The NYSC graduation list and NYSC senate list share so many things in common because it contains the names of prospective corps members but in all, below are the dissimilarities.

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NYSC senate list contains the names of students already and Fully mobilised by NYSC for one-year national youth service whereas the Graduation list contains names of graduates from various institutions eligible for service and waiting to be fully mobilized by NYSC.


NYSC Graduation list has the status of (registered and not registered) whereas, Senate list shows those that are eligible for registration when online registration kicks-off.

Other relevant Features of the Graduation list

NYSC Graduation list has so many features which includes
The surname of all candidates
Other names

How to check your name on NYSC Senate list

Visit https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc3/VerifySenateLists.aspx , fill all required field and enter. Once your name is there, Smile and start preparing ahead of time with All necessary documents required for Online Registration and Camp including your Medical Fitness Certificate as you will not be allowed on camp without it. You can Obtain a legit one with Authentic Signature, Stamp and logo from a well recognized government hospital

How to check your name on NYSC graduation list.

Visit https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc3/CheckInstitutionCoursesPCMs.aspx , fill the form and Extract/Enter, it will display a form which contain the names of all the students in that institution under the batch that you selected above who have registered for NYSC or yet to register for NYSC.


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