#Domestic Violence:  12 Ways to Avoid Slapping/Hitting Your Wife

“Domestic violence in Nigeria is a problem as in many parts of Africa. There is a deep cultural belief in Nigeria that it is socially acceptable to hit a woman to discipline a spouse. Domestic violence is widespread and shows no signs of lessening in Nigeria“. Wikipedia Speaking on the basis of Wiki’s assertion, one can say that domestic violence is no longer a crime in Nigeria or Africa at large but rather a culture. A bitter truth only few would accept but majority of marriages remain in it’s battle. Biblically, a woman is an ideal helper and a soul mate. Ipso facto, the bible in Genesis 2:24 King James Version (KJV), said “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh“. Is this rule guiding our modern day marriages? Has the husband and wife really become one flesh?

This twelve ways to avoid slapping or hitting your wife is aimed at correcting bitterness, sorrow and violence in marriages. Read it and please don’t forget to share also. Thank you.

Twelve ways to avoid slapping/hitting your wife

1. Live with her understanding her (physical, emotional and/intellectual) nature as weaker vessel. Women are weaker vessels. We know that because the Bible tells us that it’s true in 1 Peter 3, but we also know it just by looking at their bodies. They are weaker because God made their bodies to be weaker than men’s bodies and that’s what Peter’s talking about in 1 Peter 3. So, treat your wife with love knowing this. 2. Learn to control your temper Do not get angry easily especially when dealing with your wife. Learn to master your emotions of angry and disgust, she is your wife! Your pride! 3. Master when to keep quiet or walk away Silence is a tool every husband or potential husband should cultivate and master it’s application. This will help to save your marriage from domestic violence 4.Violence is not part of a loving relationship When violence sets in, love turns to hate and divorce comes knocking apparently. So, avoid giving a loophole for for it to set in. Cherish your wife! 5. Husband and not hot-band Knowing your place and role in the marriage will help save you from your home tons of violence. So, redefine your role as a husband; a loving husband. 6. Always take a deep breath, think before you act Do not be in a haste to take certain actions. Always wait to hear your wife’s side of the story; your 6 might be her 9. Understanding is the principal thing. 7. Always recite your marriage vows Those vows you made in altar before the servant of God who wedded you should be your driving force. Do not forget them; always recite them. 8. Let love lead The rock bed of any marriage is love. Love deeply and always profess your love to her on different occasions. Let her know how much you love her and can’t do without her love. 9. Be God fearing Allowing Christ to be your head as you’re the head of the family is a necessity for a happy home; so always give your hands to Christ. 10. Let your hands lift, help and pamper her rather than slap her Every woman deserves some lifting hands, help and pampering rather than slapping. So love your wife. Treat her with love, cherish her, buy her some random gifts occasionally. Your home is who you are; do not allow it to break apart. 11. Be friend with her Be your wife’s best friend. Share your fears, life secrets and daily experiences from work place with her. Women like details, so tell her everything in details. 12. Avoid third parties This point is self explanatory. Third parties can only help destroy your marriage so, do the best you can to avoid them. Keep them off your marriage and you’d be glad you did. I pray, God will help you live happily in your marriage and that those broken homes be restored, AMEN! With love Tell us how this article has helped you, use the comment box below. Thank you!

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