Education: Rights or Privileges?

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Walking down my street in the ever busy city of Lagos few weeks back, I pondered so hard on how the government and educational bodies have taken education with such levity.

Education has always been a right in the 1948 declaration of Human Rights going down history,  it stated in the article 26 “Right to Education” it was not “privilege” to education.

Education as stated by some government officials as a business which is not for the poor masses but for the rich and famous. I weep in my heart!!!

In Nigeria tuition fees of states owned institutions ranges from 100k – 300k some are above , I sat down under a Mango tree with unripe fruits thinking about how a father who sells meat and a mother who sells bread and makes profit just enough to eat can send his/her children to this institutions with exorbitant fees.

A civil servant who earns 100 thousand Naira per month and has 3 children in the higher institutions who pays 300k per session in a state owned institution ,  he  collects 1.2million annually as salary and expends 900 thousand annually for his children fees, he has barely enough to pay for rent, to pay for the children rent not to talk of increased price in feeding.

If any government propose on increasing the tuition fees of higher institutions, will they increase the salaries of our fathers and mothers ???
Will I ever get an answer from a government official??

The so called federal govt owned institutions who pay less receives thousands of admission seekers jostling for a few available slots whose majority has already been decided by the management (VC list, pro chancellor list, prof list, lecturers list) please which  list will the remain poor masses belong to?
The private institution is a no go area for the poor, it a place for the privileged politicians and we’ll to do individuals.

Nigeria of about 200 million population have a majority of about 112million poor citizens.
If OYO state governor ,Abiola Ajimobi can say Education is not for the poor that means “112 million citizens are not entitled to education”
We continually complain of increased crime rates, thugs everywhere, prostitution and others; this will continue to increase until the educational system becomes friendly to the poor.

Ask Federal Polytechnic Oko student he would tell you education has never been a right it has always stayed as a privilege.

I hope one day, you and I will be privileged to be educated.

©Justice Winner

Justice Winner is a student of Federal Polytechnic Oko, a blogger and Situation Analyst. Freelancer in the making.

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