Emulate the four way test in all your endeavours, Chief Justice charges Union members

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The chief justice of the student union government and president of the judicial council, His Lordship, Rt.Hon.Jst. Okeke Princewilliams in his new month message to the student’s union government federal polytechnic, Oko urges the unionists to emulate the four way test of life as enshrined by the rotary family in all they do.

He advised the union members to evaluate their actions using the four way test of life as enshrined by the rotary family which are, Is it the truth?,Is it fair to all concerned?,will it bring goodwill and better friendship?,Will it be beneficial to all concerned?.

In his words, “this four way test is just a simple laid down principle that should be emulated in all we do to make sure we do not fall out of the track.
We must not forget that in our official capacities as officers of the students union government ,that integrity should be our watchword and also good working relationship should be the pillar on which our anchor must hold”. he emphasized.

He further call on the student officers to make amendments and turn a new living and forsake any way or manner they have erred against their fellow students and against the law. “I therefore pray to God Almighty to continue to endow us with His love and unity in order to discharge our duties without fear or favour” he concluded.

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