End Violence Against Women: WHAT HAVE I BECOME?

End Violence against women

The first time I set my eyes on her, I promised myself that if she accepts being my girlfriend I will stop every bad thing I do. I will never cheat on her, I will quit smoking as well as drinking as I put my simultaneous cheating aside. Yes! she appeared like a star which can never be replaced. Hurting her in anyway was the last thing I could ever do.

Violence against women
As I woke up and learnt that she is mine, i began thinking she is lose as all the beauty I saw at first suddenly goes missing like smoke in the sky. I am asking myself if she is still the one or maybe the devil exchanged her while we slept like he planted the weeds among the good seeds in the bible. I convince myself that she is not better, man she is not good for you! Without realizing that in fact its her that needs better than I do. as she quits going out with her friends so as to create time for me, i begin thinking she is cheap, she can’t do without me. She is still a beautiful woman, but her beauty is hidden from my eyes because she is just too good for me. 


At last I go back to my life of drinking and sleeping with multiple girls. If I have sex with one girl, I fear being laughed at by my homies. I gata prove to them that I am still in the game. I still gather moves like a bally. so i start having quickies with different girls around me with the only exception being a girl who my eyes have not seen.

Violence against women

Oh yea I don’t seek a skirt and leggings turn me on a little quick. In no time i get sick, and later infect her intentionally. When she thinks she getting it all from her man, she ends up getting the virus. I blame her for everything, all my money is gone so I feel she the cause because i heard pastor say some women come with limitations. I am now sexually abusing her, i beat her up day and night just so I could rid my frustration. I cant let her go because I can’t afford seeing her smile in the hands of another man. I want nothing but her tears. I enjoy seeing her blood as though it would serve me from my sins the same way that of Jesus did. 

FROM MY INBOX….. A married woman bares her soul 

Who are you brother? why don’t you let her smile just for once? If you can’t keep her then let her go.

Let’s end violence against women today.

By Kelechi Goodluck Onuoha

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