#ENDSARS: My Saturday Ugly Experience With Special Anti Robbery Squad,SARS in Lagos State

Let it be known, not all well dressed young men in the streets are internet fraudsters known as Yahoo.

The menace of Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) is getting worse on daily basis. They tend to be a barrier to our society’s democracy than a solution to our Nation’s security threat. 

The way they intimidate, manhandle and arrest innocent young boys is becoming unbearable and the concerned bodies must do the necessity to curb their excesses before they ruin our youths future with their illegal and unwarranted arrests.

I have been reading so much about their brutality and inhumane torture towards the youths and even our superstars online. I don’t know that yesterday would be my own turn of the ugly experience.


I was going to see a friend at Iba Estate from Festac town yesterday. I boarded bike from first gate to Iyanoba. On getting to Iyanoba, I alighted from the bike and pay the bike man. 

As I crossed the road demarcator, I sighted some men and I needed not be told that they were SARS. So, I just behaved myself and was heading to enter a bus to Iba Estate before I could cross the Iyanoba mini round about, I noticed a touch behind me…lol and behold, it was one of the SARS men.

He asked were I was going to, I told him and he started to search me even without prior notice. Is this the Next Level that we voted for? Chai!

After he couldn’t see any implicating item on me, he started to accuse me of being a yahoo boy. I tried to explain myself but he threatened me to give in to his accusations which I resisted maintaining that I am a blogger and also a fresh graduate waiting for NYSC mobilization. He requested for my identity card after he had asked me to take down my press identity card which I gave him initially, luckily, the I.d card was in my wallet with student’s union government membership identity card of my school. 

I wanted to step out after presenting the I.D card he requested. I received the slap of my life as he drew me back and collected my android phone ordering me to unlock the phone. I unlocked the phone and gave it to him while demanding why he slapped me, he paid less attention to that as a he scrolled through my phone. 

He returned the phone after about 15minutes and I all I could see on my screen was a popup first bank transfer of twenty thousand naira (#20,000) as he ordered me to input my five (5) pin to authorize the transfer he has initiated. 

 I insisted on not having such amount in my account and the man pointed his gun on me and threatened that I should choose between my life or authorizing the  twenty thousand naira transferred. I obliged for my life shouting that I am the only son of my family and mum would die if anything happen to me. During our argument, network error occurred and the transfer was aborted. 

They delayed me for about four hours as they continued the mass illegal searching and arrest of young boys passing by. 

Before I could leave the scene, they have thrown four innocent young boys into their van with some of them collecting the beating of their life.

Since yesterday, my two ears has been itching me as a result of the slap i received but I thank God, they couldn’t scam me or detain me.

The ‘digitality’ of these SARS men are wondrous and I am still trying to imagine the whole incidence again.
What do you think about SARS?

Have you been arrested by SARS Innocently before?

Do you know anyone  SARS men has beaten and brutalised innocently before?

Share Your Thought with Us….Let’s know if it is only in Lagos SARS are arresting innocent young boys. 

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