ENLIGHTENMENT: White Wedding is not a Must!

Juliet Eze Sylvester.

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I pity ignorant people who thinks because a man paid their dowry and did traditional marriage, they are not fully married because they’ve not done white wedding and as such they let those who did white wedding intimidate them . White wedding as it is called is for the Whites or British, never seen them doing traditional marriage… It is their own form of marriage. We too dey copy everything, no one can make me feel inferior simply because I have not gone to the Church to say “I do”, we are Christians.. Yes!



Even the first miracle performed by Christ in the Bible by turning water into wine was during a traditional marriage in Canaan. My hubby bought me a very nice and an expensive golden ring which I wear as a symbol that I’m married, to most is only those that are wedded in the church that can wear ring, that’s arrant nonsense… A ring is in the market for all to buy and put in any finger they desire. It’s high we went back to our root, most of your priests if you know what they do secretly you will never go to church, most of the problems we have to do is because we have abandoned our ancient ways of doing things, we have neglected and casted our own Gods and spirit guides. There are mysteries surrounding the origin of our births and destiny…lets try and discover it no matter how small. We have native doctors same way we have medical Doctors, our traditional Doctors are categorized into;  Dibia mkpa-akwukwo-Heals with herbs and roots, same roots and herbs are processed and used in producing your drugs you buy at the pharmacy but some persons thinks that taking a sick person to dibia mgborogwu is a sin… As soon as they hear the word “dibia” they begin to cast and bind. We have Dibia Afa… Tells about one’s origin, reveals the past, present and future just like your Church prophets. Dibia Aja.. Conducts deliverance, separates you from ill luck and bad spirits. Settles those spirits delivered out of you so that they can go their separate ways just like your Pastor will ask you to buy Olive oil, Anointed water, handkerchief, sticker, wrist band deliverance and for protection against evil. You don’t need to visit these places bf you know, if you read Igbo texts/books you will be informed.  I increase my knowledge by reading, so don’t come to me with ur Yeye thoughts. I’m not an atheist neither am I a heathen but we should stop overdoing things, we are Africans…lets embrace our root and culture. Ps : No be say I no go do church Wedding oooooo, I go Wed soon just to fulfill all righteousness but the thing no dey trip me. Daaluso! Juliet Eze Sylvester.

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