EPIC 3: OhashieriLand…..(Douglas House)

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The main day came, it was an eke market day. Everyone gathered at the public square, before the town hall called Douglas House. Ineke the towncrier was ready, he blew his oja to officially start the wrestling contest. Mbaugwu was looking at the right leg of Uzodi, just as Okomoko had instructed him to do. They believed that Uzodi was the strongest opponent and the greater attention must be on him.

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Like a mirage that cannot be explained, Isemba came from behind, lifted Mbaugwu off his feet and threw his back to the ground. The people heard a cracking sound, it was like his spinal cord was broken. Ineke blew his oja louder, calling for the end of the contest. Before Mbaugwu could protest, Isemba was declared the winner.

“This is wrong, this is wrong.” Okomoko rose on his feet, visibly furious and terrified. “This should be a contest of the people, by the people and for the people. But today, it has been turned to a contest of Ineke and friends, by Ineke and friends and for Ineke and friends.

We reject it and will challenge it before the shrine. I call on Ohashierians whom I have diligently served for many years to come out in multitude to protest this injustice by Ineke. Arurualaism has no place in this contest.”

The people were happy and jubilating. They finally threw him off the bridge of Omi river and would be free at last. They knew that any challenge against the contest by Okomoko would amount to nothing.

Jujumole had the listening ears of Mbughari, the great Python of the land, that loved to soak itself in blood. Who was also the chief oracle of the shrine. Okomoko knew it was over.

He looked and saw Meremere Maduk, that viper that bites without making any noise. He was in the midst of the crowd laughing hysterically at him. The man he thought he discarded is now having the last laugh. What a disgrace. A monumental embarrassment.

“Nna, agwọ nọ n’akịrịka o.” Okomoko said to Mbaugwu.
“Egwu dịkwa.” Mbaugwu replied.
“It’s time you answer your father’s name.”
“What? But it was all your idea. Are you trying to….”

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Okomoko didn’t stay to listen to his rants as he ran into Douglas House to start preparing for what was to come. He knew something would come after him, but when and how he didn’t know.

His servant was no longer going to succeed him. And he was no longer going to be the messenger of Ọlụlụ people, which would have given him immunity from appearing before the Umuada, to answer questions on the evil he did against widows and orphans. Umuada that calls themselves “Akufesia”, but fondly called “IFESIA” by the people.

He suddenly realized how naked and unprotected he was. And how he had become a victim of the doctrine of ohashierism. A doctrine handed down to the land by their ancestors. Then, the true meaning of ohashierism became clearer to him: “People’s power is the super power.”

An invisible hand slapped him, he began to see multiple stars jumping out from his eyes. A slap from akananti, the evil spirit. 
“Chineke Lee!!!” He shouted.

The End…. Douglas Hose!

Written by
Kelechi Onuoha.
© ’19.

AUTHOR’S DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional reality and does not relate to anybody dead or alive

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