Episode 1: LYNDA……All Eyes On Me

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” LOL .”
I couldn’t have started this story in any other way than first laughing out loud. Because to me, life is a drama. We live in this drama everyday and we see the dramas of life day in, day out. My life is full of it’s own drama. So much so that all I do when it’s getting too much is, sit back and laugh out loud.
” LOL .”

Sometimes I don’t even remember my given names, as the name friends calls me gradually became the name I’m generally known by. Blogger Lyn. Initially, it was an innocent pet name which I overlooked and laughed at. When it began to gain a foothold, I tried all I could to get people revert to my original name but I was too late. Power belongs to the power, and once the public has accepted a thing, it becomes the norm. That was how my name became Blogger Lyn. Some people however, do call me Blogger Lynda.

My name is Lynda Chioma Ejike. An indigenous daughter of that land from which the sun rises in the morning. That part that speaks Hebo and are naturally enterprising and arrogantly business oriented. People tend to believe, but wrongly though, that the success of my career lies in my origin. Such a misconception. I learnt early in life that a man’s location sometimes determines his value, not origin. That things aren’t moving well with you does not mean that something is wrong with you. You’re just in the wrong environment, probably surrounded by the wrong people. Change.

I’m a career lady, whose attitude in business is almost an addiction. I don’t believe that success is dependent on ones origin, neither is ingenuity domiciled in or within a particular race or tribe. Anybody anywhere can be successful once some basic principles are applied and respected. In my career, I learnt to apply what I call the five cardinal pillars of success – CPS. Vision, mission, hard work, perseverance and attitude – ViMHaPAt.


This is the dream of what you want to achieve in life or what you want to be. Without a purpose, life becomes meaningless. From a young age I knew what I wanted to be. I had a dream of the class I would love to belong and all my energy was channeled towards that vision.


This is the driving force towards the actualization of your vision. Everyday I woke up in the morning, I reminds myself that I have a vision, and that vision is my mission on earth. I never entertains distractions or negativities which are inevitable in the race to glory. Anyone that comes into my life to become an impediment to the accomplishment of my dreams will be cut off without warning. I have such strong character that make some people call me Iron Lady. As a young lady, I need a very strong character to excel in a man’s world. So, my vision has to become my mission.


The mission to achieving your vision must be accompanied by hard work. A vision or dream without works is dead before it even began. My dedication to work is hundred percent, working each day like it’s my last. Because I understand that accolades doesn’t come on a platter of gold, I was working my ass off to get to where I am today. All that you see me have today are evidence of relentless days, weeks, months and years of hard work.


n carving out a niche for yourself, there must be obstacles along the way. There were moments I felt like giving up and moments I was like losing myself and talked inappropriately to people around me. I cried so many nights when things didn’t go how I wanted them to or when I talked down on people in my quest for perfection. In all of that, I didn’t give up. I never allowed my will to be broken or my determination to be crippled.

On several occasion I was faced with men whose only condition to helping me accomplish one important feat or the other was sex. I stood my ground and proved to them that I could eventually make it without them seeing my pants. That earned me their respect. The road to paradise is very narrow, full of stumbling blocks. In working hard on the mission to your vision, you must baptize yourself with the flame of perseverance.

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The manner in which you relate with people, your job, academics and spirituality goes a long way in determining your fate in life. The right attitude attracts the right response. No one achieves greatness all alone, you must need someone along the line. Therefore, behaving like an island will only ruin you. I learnt to accommodate people, listen to people, share with people and work together as a team.

I prioritize everything in my life, giving them the attention they deserve as at when due. Everything that matters to you should be a priority. Don’t waste much time on things that adds no value to life. In your perseverance to work hard on the mission to accomplish your vision, you must endeavour to be with the right attitude.

This is just a little intro of my personality and the force that drives me. My story have not started. I have so much to tell, such that may never have an end once I begin. I am a public figure that lives in the eye of the hurricane. I’ve talked so much about people, this is time to talk about me.


To Be continued.

Composed & Written by
Kelechi Goodluck Onuoha.
© ’19.

This is a fictional reality.

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