Episode 3: LYNDA……All Eyes On Me

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“Let me be your driver.” A voice said behind me as I made to open my vehicle after the AY Live Show.

I turned and right behind me was Tunde Adenuga, the Casanova son of Wale Adenuga. He stood there with an air of confidence around him. I like that quality in men.

“Sorry?” I didn’t think I heard him clearly the first time.
“A princess is not suppose to be driving herself, let me be your driver.”

I looked at Jane, she too was surprised like me. I looked at Tunde, looked at his brand new G-Wagon parked at the other side of the parking lot and back at him. He seemed to have read my mind.

“Never mind, I will come back for that jalopy later. Let me drive you home, please.”

With all I’ve heard about this guy I never thought there would be any atom of humility in him. Although fat, he was a handsome young man in his own rights. And from a super wealthy family. He was gradually breaking my wall of resistance.

“Please.” He stretched forth his hand for my car key.
“What an executive driver.” Jane said, smiling. “Give him the key, girlfriend.”

“Did you set this up?” I looked at her suspiciously.
“Nope. I’m innocent.” She said, raising both hands.
I handed the keys over to Tunde. He opened the back door, bowed slightly as I entered and closed the door gently. He sat on the driver’s seat, started the car and drove off the parking lot.
“I live at……..”

“Don’t worry Ma’am,” He didn’t let me finish, “I know where you live.”
“You do?”

“Who doesn’t know where Blogger Lyn lives in Banana Island?”
He must have taken that as a compliment, but to me it was a reminder of what I hated about being a public figure. My life shouldn’t be in the public domain because I’m a society lady. I try my best in letting the public know only what I want them to know about me. Just like every other citizen, I deserve some privacy.

Tunde was driving and looking at me through the retrovisor. He was a good driver, obviously driving since he was a teenager. Asking questions is part of my job, what I do for a living. And never would I miss an opportunity to get answers for what I didn’t know. I hate speculation, the reason I dig for facts. Tunde’s attitude was making me curious.

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“Why have you been starring at me?” I asked him.
Being straight forward could be the reason most men finds women with strong character intimidating and arrogant. When you pretend, they see you as being humble. They don’t know that pretenders are vampires.
“Have you seen an angel before?” Tunde asked.

“What if you see one, how would you react to her?”
“Him. Angels are him.”

“In that case you are unique. The only she-angel in the world.”
He said that as a compliment, I knew. But I refused to acknowledge him, for the avoidance of him recognizing the fact that he was gradually breaking my wall of resistance. He came at a time I was single, my last relationship haven ended about six months ago and I decided to give it a break to concentrate on my career.

“I’m looking at an angel.” He said.
“Thank you.” I couldn’t avoid acknowledging the compliment this time.
“I’m a witness.” Jane said. “Nobody should deny me the chief bridesmaid oo.”
“You’re crazy.”

We both laughed. Tunde smiled as he drove into my compound and parked the car at the garage.
“Thank you for driving us home.” I said as he handed the keys over to me.
“No. Thank you for letting me.”

“If you hadn’t asked it wouldn’t have been possible. So, thank you.”
He brought out his wallet, opened it and came up with a business card.
“It would be an honour to drive you again someday.”
I collected the card without looking at it. He shouldn’t leave with the impression that he had won me over.

“I’m a very busy person you know.”
“I know. Your spare time would be great.”
“Let’s see how it goes.”

He left my house and left a longing in my heart to see him again soon.

To Be Continued.

Composed & Written by
Kelechi Onuoha
© ’19.

This is pure fictional reality. Don’t get it twisted.

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