Episode 4: LYNDA……All Eyes On Me

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I had wanted to but I couldn’t until after two weeks. My female instinct was telling me that Tunde, despite the act he put up last time, wasn’t the right guy for me. I ignored my instinct and fell under the longing and Jane’s pressure to call him.

“I don’t want to call him. What am I even going to tell him?” I had insisted.
“Just say you called to thank him for the other time.”
“I already thanked him.”

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“Thank him again.”
“Urrrh! You’re so difficult.”
“I know. This is Wale Adenuga’s son we’re talking about oo.”
“I don’t care about his father, it’s about him.”

“You have to care about his father oo. Do you realize the many doors getting to know him will unlock? Just think about it.”
“My spirit doesn’t quite accept him.”

“Please tell your spirit to relax, let your head lead you for a while.”
Jane is like that. She never stops until she has her way. Though I am five years older, we relates like age mates and sisters. 
“Alright, you won. I’ll call him.”

“That’s my girl.”
I brought out his business card and entered his number on my phone. It rang almost immediately, after the third ring he picked.
“Hello, this is Mr Adenuga.”
I had wanted to cut the line but I didn’t.

“Is that Tunde?”
“Yes, this is Tunde Adenuga.”
‘To hell with your family name.’ I had wanted to shout, but I didn’t.
“Okay Tunde, this is Lynda.”
“Oh my baby, sorry I couldn’t come to the campus to pick you yesterday as promised.”

“I think you’re mistaken me for another person.”
He went silent for a while.
“Is that the Linda at Abuja?”
“This is Lynda Ejike.” I was getting upset.

Men that womanize easily gets confused and can easily be caught in their own game.
“Gracious Lord! Blogger Lyn. Waoo! This must be a blessed day.”
“I just called to thank you for your kind gesture the last time.”
“Oh don’t mention. It was a pleasure. How are you doing?”
“Very well, thank you.”

“Can we have lunch next week? Let’s say on Saturday?”
“I’m sorry, I’m very busy these days. Thanks and have a nice day.”
Before he could say any other word I cut the call.
I knew that Tunde would call, it came later than I had anticipated. He wanted to know how I was, if I would be free on this or that day to have a lunch with him. On each occasion, I turned him down. It went on for about two months before I finally agreed. Our first date was good and the second was better. We started seeing more often on weekends until I began to notice an attitude I never liked.

It became obvious with time that he was infatuated with Lynda the blogger than Lynda as a person. Against my protests and to my displeasure, he continued introducing me to his friends and associates as Blogger Lyn. It made me very uncomfortable being in the midst of his friends. That wasn’t the only thing I was displeased with about him. He received more calls from women than men. Each time he would excuse himself to go and answer the call in privacy. I knew that those weren’t business calls.

Tunde was living up to his fame, rubbishing the good impression he created in me the first day we met. With the confidence that I had fallen for him, he was gradually coming out of his shell. I decided to be very cautious with him. What I didn’t want was scandal with the son of Adenuga. That could be disastrous for my career.

The day he invited me to their family house, I didn’t hesitate for long before accepting. I had wanted to be there all along, to seize any opportunity to sit down one-on-one with Chief Adenuga himself and probably establish a business relationship. That was the only reason I was tolerating this money-miss-road. In the pursuit of your dream you should be ready to take some shit, ignoring how bad it stinks.

I got to their family home in a cool evening on the day we agreed. His mother was there, with his sister and a cousin that flew down from the States on a short visit. It was a mansion, as was expected of a billionaire.
“Lynda, meet my Mom.” Tunde began the introduction. “Mom, this is Blogger Lyn.”

“Tunde, I’m Lynda Ejike, please. Good evening Ma.”
“Good evening my dear. I’ve heard so much about you. Come and have a seat.”

We spent over an hour familiarizing with each other. His sister and cousin were my followers on instagram and Facebook. His father was in Singapore on a business trip, from there he would go to Dubai and Durban before coming home. Such is the life of an international business tycoon. The price you have to pay for a continuous inflow of cash. 

When Tunde invited me to his room, I knew what was about to happen. To execute the plan he had already hatched in his mind. After inviting me several times to his hotel room without success, he would think that coming to their house would get me too excited to resist his advances. And before I knew it, he would be in and out of me. 
He was a learner.

“Baby, you look delicious,” he held me as soon as we entered the room. “I just want to eat you like a cupcake.”
“I am not a cake, I’m Mexican chilly. You eat me, you catch fire.”
He ran his hand all over my body, sniffing at my neck.
“You smell nice.”

“Thank you.”
His hand moved to my breasts and fondled them. Then he tried to unbutton my shirt.

“What are you doing?”
“Come on baby, don’t be a kid. I want to f*ck you.”
“What did you just say?”

Composed & Written by
Kelechi Goodluck Onuoha.
© ’19.

This is not a true life story but a fictional reality.

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