Episode 5: LYNDA…….All Eyes On Me

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Being the second child in a family of five girls and one boy, I had the responsibility of taking care of my younger ones. I always had the desire to be an example to my sisters. This desire is what has today made me a role model to many school girls across the country and even outside. Once in a while I’m invited by school authorities to speak to the girls, on subjects ranging from career building, the journey to womanhood, dealing with sexual perverts, rape and how to relate with the opposite sex.

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My day to day life was really a roller coaster of activities. So much that for over four years, I shut men out of my life and closed the door to love. I was tired with the deception of men, their immaturity and cowardice. At the age I found myself there was no room for drama. Age was no longer my friend. If I must have a man, it must be for commitment. There comes a time in a woman’s life when it’s no longer sex for fun, but sex for marriage. Or, as my friend Titilayo puts it, “sex for responsibility.”

At almost thirty six years old, it was expected of me to have a child of my own. In few years time, the monster called menopause will come knocking. To have a child, the society expects me to get married. And coming from a devout Catholic family, there’s no other way than the traditional way. Marriage.

I am a billionaire with everything going for me except a stable man. My fear and suspicion of men could have played a role in this. Don’t blame me. As a rich young lady, you tend to become sceptical of the true intention of any man that comes your way. You see some of them as gold diggers, even though they may have good intention. For this reason, you close the door to average guys, waiting to meet someone in your class. The nature of my job wasn’t helping matters as most men feel insecure with any lady on the limelight.

“You know you can’t do that.” Jane said.
“You’re from a Catholic family.”

“Babe look, there’s a time when to a lady, religion and morality becomes irrelevant. I’m gradually getting to that point. Before I’m thirty nine I must have a child of my own, with or without a husband.”
“And face the outfall.”

“Sure I will. Anything you do, people must talk. And my life has always been giving people what to talk about. I’ll be ready for them.”
We were at Wheatbraker Restaurant in Lagos mainland, having our lunch. It was sometime in the month before December and that was our regular eatery.

“You know I’m with you in any decision you take.”
“Thanks babe. You know, our mentality in Africa is holding a lot of ladies down. We must change it.”

“I still don’t understand why men call us the weaker vessel, yet, they are scared of successful women.”
“They’re cowards, most of them.”
“Nigerian men are the worst.”
“Don’t mind them. Dem go dey denge dey pose without balls.”
“They have just one ball.”
“Hahah. Bunch of weaklings.”

Our order was served and we started to eat when he entered. A dark, tall and handsome man in his late thirties. Our eyes met and he fixed his gaze on me for a while before going over to meet some friends who had been on a table waiting for him.

“Did you see that guy?”
“The guy fine die.”
“Some guys are good for takeaway.”
“They should give him to us for desert.”
“To me, not us.”
“There’s love in sharing, don’t be selfish.”
We laughed and continued eating.
Few minutes later I saw the handsome man walking towards our table. My heartbeat accelerated, my breasts hardened and I felt sweat under my armpits. I hated myself for feeling that way about a total stranger. He wasn’t the most handsome guy I had ever met, why losing my mind? The man stopped at our table.

“I’m sorry, but I’ve lost my way.” He said, gazing straight into my eyes.
That was directed at me, said with a deep baritone that I so much ……..

Written by
Kelechi Onuoha.

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