Episode 6: LYNDA……..All Eyes On Me

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That was how Jeremiah swept me off my feet. In as much as I tried to conceal my feelings from him, because experience taught me that if you give men the impression that you’re falling for them, they take you for granted, I couldn’t. It was a mutual attraction, with great sexual and intellectual chemistry.

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The relationship started from day one. We both knew we wanted each other, there was no pretending. He was a man of few words, unlike me that talks like a parrot. He believed more in action. A private person, which was in contrast to my way of life but we were able to pilot the relationship without any clash for several months. The one thing that sealed the deal for him that first day was the fact that he didn’t know who I was before we met. He didn’t come as a fan, which I detests in any man that comes for me.
Jeremiah was like a prayer answered, a dream come true. The type of man I always wanted. I thought he was my final bus stop. He was into the business of combustibles and wasn’t doing bad. At the time we first met, he was living at a 4 bedroom flat in Lekki Peninsula.

A very funny man and about the most romantic guy I have ever met. Such a whirlwind romance that blossomed into something beautiful. He was a caring man, always making sure I was okay. It didn’t take long for me to introduce him to my family and he got acquainted with my father. In fact, Jeremiah was the husband I had hoped for. The father of the children I so much wanted.

“One day you’ll become Lynda Jeremiah.” He had said one night as we laid naked on his bed after a romantic copulation.

“That’s for you to decide, my love. I’m always ready when you are.”
“I can’t wait for this sumptuous body to belong to me forever.”
“You’re not contesting it with anyone.”

“Tell me, how were you able to maintain this great shape and your breasts?”
“Eating healthy and exercise. That’s all.”
“I can’t have enough of you, you’re killing me.”
“Don’t die oo, I need you more, my Mr. Handsome.”
“Sometimes I laugh at how we met.”
“Ehen! I’ve been wanting to ask, what gave you the gut to approach me that way?”

“Actually I don’t know. It was a spontaneous decision. As I entered the restaurant, my eyes caught your beauty immediately. It triggered something in me that made me take the initiative.”
“That your pick up line was ingenious. Any woman would fall for it.”
“I never said that to any woman before.”
“I’m glad you did. I’m happy to have you.”
“I’m happy too.”

Ours was an intense romantic affair. Full of sexually explosive moments. Because of his being a private person, I did all that was possible to keep the affair away from the public and the press. We made several travels together to foreign countries, without attracting any attention. It was like playing hide and seek. Fun and exasperating at the same time.

I tried to balance my job and my relationship. My job demanded my attention, and so did Jeremiah. To find a balance, what I did was to carry my laptop to his house in any of my visit. That way I could comfortably do my job from there. That is one of the advantages of working online. Despite that, he always seemed not to have enough of my presence. We began to plan for a future together.

Surprising me with gifts was his special indulgence. Each time I went to his house there was a gift waiting for me. Each was very special because I was in love. He really meant the whole world to me. And I thought, wrongly though, that I meant the same to him. The heart of a man is deeper than the ocean. Ladies should be careful.

He organized a private party for one of my birthdays, making sure every one I needed to be there was there. When we came back to his house in the night, on his bed was a gift for me. An expensive gold necklace with a pendant that had my face on it. Inside the box was a card with a beautiful poem that I hung on the wall in my room for a long time. The poem read;

I have an important message for you
But telling you how I feel is so difficult to do
I’m doing my best
to show it
because I want you to know it
There’s just ………

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Written by
Kelechi Onuoha.
© ’19.

This is a fictional reality. What do you think about the story so far?

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