Episode7: LYNDA…….All Eyes On Me

Fictional story about linda ikeji

Love is an uphill-downhill journey. The way of a relationship is never rosy all through. After a year and some months into our relationship Jeremiah and I separated. It wasn’t what I wanted but necessity demanded we had to tow that line. I needed to regain my sanity. His changed attitude was beginning to drive me crazy. My fame that wasn’t much of a problem suddenly became one. He was growing steadily uncomfortable with my being constantly in the news.

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“Excuse me Jeremiah, didn’t I tell you who I was from the beginning?” “You did.” “Why is it now after all these while, that you’re feeling uncomfortable with my fame?” “I thought I could cope.” “Let me get something clear. What you’re saying basically is, I have to choose between quitting my job and stay with you or stick with my career and forget about you?” “It’s not what I mean, but something could be done.” “Something like what?” He kept quiet.

“Something like what, Jeremiah? You feel you’ve gotten enough of what you wanted and now you can start acting up?” “Enough of what? Just stop it, Lynda. You know exactly what the problem is.”

“To hell with you, Jeremiah. I say to hell with you. I can’t kill a career I’ve spent most part of my life building because of any man. Not even in a million years. Never.” “Stop overreacting.”

“I’m overreacting? You must be stupid to say that. Get the hell out of my house, now.” That was how we finally broke up.


Going to secondary schools to speak with young girls gave me the opportunity to be engaged into something that would get my mind off Jeremiah. Despite being angry with him, I still missed him and sometimes cried in the night wishing he was there. There was a teddy bear he bought for me which I named Jerry, I still had it on my bed and hug at it most nights.

I was invited by a secondary school at Satellite Town to speak with the SS3 students. It was a privately owned college, one of the best schools in Lagos. I spent the day before working with my tablet, writing down my speech, point by point. I had done public speaking many times before that I can give a speech without reading from a note. But experience has taught me that you could go blank sometimes, no matter how good you are.

I arrived at the school on schedule and was led by the headmistress to the hall where the girls were all eagerly waiting. They all started calling my name as they saw me approaching, “Blogger Lyn, Blogger Lyn.” I was used to it and always expected it. I am their role model, the reason I’m always trying to be careful with the image I present. “Hi girls.” I greeted as I entered the hall.

“Hi Miss Lynda.” They responded. “I’m here today to talk to you girls about rape and how to prevent it. Before I start, who can tell us what rape means?” Several hands were raised.

“You,” I pointed my finger. “The girl on eye glasses.” She stood up. “Rape is when a boy has carnal knowledge of a girl against her wish.” “That’s very correct. Let’s clap for her.” They all clapped.

“Rape is a devastating experience that no girl should ever made to undergo. It kills a woman emotionally and psychologically. Most women who were raped ends up blaming themselves when they shouldn’t. No woman asked to be raped. She got raped because, either she trusted too much or, the rapist took advantage of her vulnerability.

Some girls when raped, feels so guilty and ashamed to speak up. Some went as far as committing suicide. And that’s very wrong. Your silence only gives power to the rapist to rape another girl. You must be bold enough to report any case of sexual harassment or rape. Don’t be ashamed, let the rapist be brought to justice.”

The girls were very silent, paying much attention to everything I said. I noticed tears rolling down the eyes of one of them. One victim spotted. “Rape may never be stopped,” I continued, “but as girls, there are measures we can take to protect ourselves. First; be mindful of how you dress in certain occasion. Don’t dress to provoke. Second; avoid keeping late nights or going to a place that may not be safe for a girl alone. Third; avoid alcohol or minimize the intake. And stay away from drugs.

Four; beware of the type of male friends you keep. Five; if you can, apply some defense mechanism like carrying pepper spray in your bags. Six; have it in mind that even a family relative may attempt to rape you. There has been cases where a……..”

I noticed two more girls wiping tears away from their eyes. Two more victims identified. I continued speaking and educating them until I emptied all I had in my head. When it was over, I had a one-on-one chat with the girls that were crying and what they opened up to me got my heart broken in a thousand pieces. Some men don’t deserve to be free living among humans.

“The school gateman?” “Yes Auntie.” I looked at the headmistress, her face was a horror story. “That old man that was very amiable with me when I arrived?” “Yes, Auntie. He’s friendly with everyone.” “He did that to you?” “Yes. He’s always giving girls gifts and inviting them into the security room.” I turned to the other girls. “Who else has he invited to the security room?” Half of the number raised their hands. I turned to the headmistress again. “Under your nose.” I said. “Lynda, I trusted that man.” “Paedophiles are people we trust. Today, we shall teach him a lesson that would make others like him cringe with fear when next their stupid penis raises it’s ugly head.”

The girls were all excited and gearing up for action. Obviously, it was a moment they all had prayed for. They were all ready to beat the hell out of the security man, and I was ready to drive a broomstick into his out-of-control penis. He will see hell before the police arrives. “Hey sweetheart,” I called one of the girls, “get me a broomstick, please.” We all marched in anger to see the security man


The fear of solitude can force a woman to remain in the wrong relationship or go back to a man she shouldn’t. Jeremiah was out of my life but not out of my head. That single fact made our reconciliation easier on the day we ran into each other at Dubai Shopping mall. We decided to give it a …..

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Composed & Written by Kelechi Onuoha. © ’19.


This is fictional reality. ************

I Fell Pregnant: ————————

You may not understand my reason Because everything has it’s season And your age could become your prison I was thirty seven heeding the call of thirty eight seeing menopause becoming my right And no child has suckled my breast I can’t sit and watch when I can act and blush Age waits for no one Waste time, your time will run I needed to act Knowing these facts Otu nwa si bia uwa ya hiri Nwa biara uwa nno I fell pregnant My life can’t be stagnant.

By Kelechi Goodluck Onuoha.

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