Episode 8. (Final): LYNDA…….All Eyes On Me

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The pregnancy wasn’t actually intentional, it just happened; though we had in the past talked about having children. He jokingly said something about putting a golden baby in me and I remember telling him jokingly that I’m also a golden lady and we’re both going to produce golden children……we both laughed. Weeks after I fell pregnant things became somewhat weird between us. I won’t be able to explain exactly what was the problem or what happened because it remains confusing to me.

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This baby is going to be born outside this country.” Jeremiah had suggested one day in the early weeks of the pregnancy.

“I don’t trust the facilities here.”
“So, where’s on your mind?”
“UK or Germany.”
“I prefer Canada.”
“Well, anywhere but not Nigeria.”
“And the pre-natals?”
“Certainly not here too. I don’t trust the doctors.”
“I have an idea.”
“Tell me.”
“South Africa.”
“Why not Dubai?”
“Not a bad idea.”

When I broke the news of my pregnancy to Jeremiah the first time he was surprised but took it in good faith. We were both adults and very rich, capable of taking care of many kids as we want. He came around to see my parents, assuring them of his commitment to stand by me. He formed an instant bond with my father and were talking or chatting almost on daily basis. The future looked bright and I dreamt of the happy family we were going to build.

I never knew that life was planning to deal me a cruel blow. When I thought I had found love and was finally going to settle down as a married woman, Jeremiah began to act like a stranger. He no longer was the gentleman I fell in love with, but a different man entirely. The traditional wedding which he agreed to was cancelled. He stopped coming around to see me, a woman carrying his child.

“Jerry, what is happening to us?” I called him one day when I couldn’t bear it anymore.
“I don’t understand.”
“Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m saying.”
“No, I don’t.”
“I’m carrying your child, our child. And you completely abandoned us.”
“Look Lynda, this is too much for me.”
“What’s too much for you?”
“Everything. You, your fame and now a child. I just need time to think it through.”
“Think you said? After two years and a baby on the way?”
“You wanted the baby, not me.”
“Is that what you’re saying? Has it come to this?”
“Yes Lynda. You got yourself pregnant.”
“What an idiot.” I cut the phone on him.
Afterwards he began to treat me with so much hate and aggression which prompted my family and I to cut him off completely.

I am a strong woman who doesn’t allow circumstances to break her. Jeremiah is too small to render my life miserable. He tried but failed woefully. I found love and support from my family and friends. I found strength in my unborn child. He knew that his father abandoned him and his mother and decided to become his mother’s best friend. The nine months I had him in me was calm, and the delivery very easy. I spent less than 40 minutes in the labour room. The snapback was amazing and in few weeks it was like I never had any pregnancy.

My son was my rock, still is. I will give my life for him to live. Now I know the joy of motherhood and more reason to work harder. I love him to the moon and back. I have no single regret knowing his father Jeremiah. Through him I got the most precious gift of my life. God brought him to fulfill a divine purpose in my life. Now, his mission is accomplished and his part in my story is over. That God brought someone significant into your life doesn’t mean they are supposed to go with you till the end of your life’s journey. Don’t fight for closure, don’t ask for explanations, don’t bother to chase answers, just let them go and know that if God meant for you to have them in your life, He would have made it possible.

My life is beautiful. I consider myself fortunate and blessed. I have a multi million Naira investment, a family that cares about me, friends that loves me and now, my son Kaycey. What else could I possibly be asking for if not good health. It was never my dream to be a single mom. All my life I had wanted a home like the one my parents had. To get married and have children.

Sometimes life unfolds into something we never dreamt of. All we can do is keep our heads up and keep moving, trusting that God is the pilot of our destiny. Because, an uncertain chapter doesn’t ruin the whole book.
I’ve been accused of many things, especially by those who finds it difficult to accept that a single young Lady could actually make so much progress in an industry dominated by men. Some say I always want to validate myself to the world. Others say I’m a misleading leader. I was once called a chameleon and suffering from ………

This story is a mindset of….
Composed & Written by
Kelechi Goodluck Onuoha.

This is a fictional reality. I do need your honest feedback.

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