EPL fans are tempted to call La Liga a “FARMER’S LEAGUE”

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EPL fans and media are known to be quite arrogant when it comes to their league. They believe that the EPL is the best in the world; which as a notion, may or may not be true. But where the arrogance comes in, is when achievements made by other top clubs and players are now deemed inconsequential or watered down because they did not achieve it in the EPL.

Indeed the La Liga is the only league that can rightfully boast of being the best in the world if such an assessment is based on overall international achievements. But most EPL fans consider it as a weaker league despite being confronted with the statistics of the superiority of La Liga over the course of time. It is because of this wide gap in international achievements that have made the EPL fans and media hesitant for now, in terming La Liga a “Farmer’s league”, a term which they use in labelling other top leagues, whom they consider their domestic achievements as a stroll in the park.

A certain group of EPL fans are also fans of Cristiano Ronaldo who achieved a cult-like status in football whilst playing for La Liga club, Real Madrid for a period of 9 years. The underlying feeling amongst these fans is that terming La Liga a Farmers’ league will tarnish the accomplishments of their idol, who achieved majority of his achievements in the same league. To further buttress this point, after Ronaldo moved to Juventus, a team which has been the most successful team domestically in recent history, amongst the top 5 rated leagues; having won 8 consecutive league title wins including 4 consecutive league and cup doubles, these same set of fans have suddenly stopped referring to Serie A as a “farmers” league, just because they are trying to protect any achievements by Ronaldo in SerieA from being tainted.

This arrogance by several EPL fans and media is what gave birth to the argument that Lionel Messi should switch leagues to prove himself. Which other league will Messi play that will satisfy them? Only the EPL! If he moves to anywhere else and attains some personal achievements, it would be considered inconsequential because it’s a less superior league or simply put a “Farmers’ league”. Amazuo Ugboaja

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