Exclusive Interview: SUG Public Relations Officer Speaks about the Monday Peaceful Demonstration

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The public relations officer of the students union government of federal polytechnic oko Anambra state has discharged the rumors making waves round the social media and other platforms that the student’s union government was used by the management to achieve their selfish interest. He went ahead to say that, when two elephants are fighting, that its the grass that suffers and he likened ASUP and Management as elephants and the students as the grass who are suffering it all.
The image maker of the student’s union government, added that the SUG as the voice of the voiceless students embarked on the Monday peaceful protest without the management engineering it as the rumor carries it.

In an exclusive interview with Justice Winner of Winner’s Media Concept he shares the stake of the SUG in the ongoing internal strike and how far SUG has gone to make sure it comes to an end.

Read the excerpts below:

J.Winner: How long has the ASUP internal strike lingered?
SUG P.R.O: The strike has been going on for more than a month now and as a result,there has not been any academic activities in the institution since the resumption of the 2017/2018 academic session.
J.Winner: What are the steps taken by the SUG in the ongoing internal strike?
SUG P.R.O:  SUG has taken a lot of steps to make those parties involved in the strike to see reasons to call of the strike. They have engaged the major stakeholders in this strike in series of meetings to see what can be done to end the strike. They have also met with the ASUP Chairperson and the  Rector, Prof.Godwin Onu on several occasions and dialogue with both parties to see reasons with the SUG why class room activities has to resume. The SUG have related with them the dangers our students whose welfare and interest are their utmost priority are facing in as a result of this strike.
J.Winner: Why the Monday peaceful protest?
SUG P.R.O: Laughs……Thank God you called it peaceful protest but let me correct you, it was a peaceful demonstration.
J.Winner: What really happened on Monday?
SUG P.R.O: Well, what happened on Monday would have happened long ago. The SUG after several unsuccessful attempts in their bid to bring the strike to end decided to embark on a peaceful demonstration. So, peaceful demonstration took place on Monday.
J.Winner: There are rumors making waves round the social media that the SUG were used by the management to disrupted ASUP Congress. How true is it?
SUG P.R.O: Laughs…….I think I have one question for at this stage. Are you aware that Madam was locked aside the school main gate during the demonstration? I guess you don’t know. How do we reconcile the fact that the Management used the SUG to protest against ASUP and still lockout Deputy Rector Academics in the process? As a matter of fact, the Monday demonstration was a walk around protest. It took off from the SUG Secretariat to mmaduakor,to Convoc Areana,Aso Rock, Mass com complex and in the process of the walk around, we walked passed where the ASUP members were having their Congress and the students were chanting “#Call of the strike now”. Nobody disrupted their congress. Oh! One Dr. Chukwuma, an ASUP official even came out from the congress and addressed the students and we left to main gate so I wonder where that claims are coming from. I just see them as propaganda being used to drag the efforts of the SUG to mould in the eyes of the right thinking students.
J.Winner: So the SUG never held ASUP members hostage during the Monday demonstration?
SUG P.R.O: How can we even think of that? Will holding them hostage give us what we want? No! So we never did. That claim reminds me of the saying that “When two elephants are fighting, the grass suffers”. They said SUG held them hostage, SUG disrupted their congress was the Anti cult, DSA and other security bodies within the school not informed of the peaceful demonstration? The security bodies after the protest applauded the SUG for not deviating from what a peaceful demonstration ought to be. So what else are we arguing here?
J.Winner: What should the average student know about the ongoing internal strike?
SUG P.R.O: The students should be assured that SUG has not and will never relent in fighting for their welfare. As for the strike, all hands are on desk to make sure it comes to an end soon.

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