#Feminism: Who is a Real Feminist? A Must Read!

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Real Feminists are ladies who upholds the dignity of women in their respect for men – Nneka Owalla, Model and Writer.

Feminism has been a very controversial topic of discuss of all time since it’s inception. It has yielded a minimal or no positive results globally and Nigeria in particular.

Majority of the agitators/advocates of feminism are either confused or lust in the ecstasy of their own demands. They allowed extremism and frustration to set in; thereby making feminism seem a hate for the men.

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According to OAP Jasmine, “feminism belief in a desire for equality between sexes. As merriam-webster noted last month, the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. It encompasses social, political and economic equality. Of course, a lot of people tweak the definition to make it their own”. She noted.

For Comr. Agwaniru Emmanuel Chukwujekwu, a journalist and human right activist, “gender equality can only exist in theory and not in practice. Men and women can’t be equal in the world not even in Africa”.

“Feminism does not make a female rude so those of you that are acting rude and disrespectful thinking you are practicing or advocating for women’s right, that’s not feminism and no one should think that’s what’s making them behave or act in such a manner
If you want respect as a woman, respect others too
Respect is reciprocal” A Facebook User.

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“I have observed that most women who claims to be feminist are Sagas who have developed serious hatred for men may be due to their past experiences with them that they have refused to untie and forget. Some of such ladies are in marriage, yes! they are married but they still live in pain and bitterness even in their marriage”- Nneka Owalla, Model and Writer.

From the foregoing, one may be tempted to ask; who then is a real feminist and what does the feminists really want?


“Real Feminists are ladies who upholds the dignity of women in their respect for men. They pamper men, sacrifice for men and their marriage while their future and dignity are never tampered with. They are ladies with constructive intelligence endowed with the virtue of a wife yet still believes and understand that marriage is a redemptive institution which is blessed with real feminist who draws a line between respect and love for men and Dignity and greatness of women. She never sees being under a man as pain or slavery but an opportunity to teach a man. Woman submits to a man because she has something to submit hence her submission makes a man. How great feminist she will be if she stands before the fellow women to tell how her submission made her man”- Nneka Owalla, Model and Writer.

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“A real feminist tramples on past experiences and speaks of women in love and humility. A real feminist promotes marriage, forgiveness in marriage and sacrifice in marriage. A real feminist advice’s constructively to married women . A real feminist sees divorce as the last resort”.

Nneka also advised men to be aware that whom they married are not fellow men but a woman.

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“So don’t expect her to always act or behave like a man. You must be patient and considerate knowing well that she is naturally soft and tender. Every woman is a baby, forget her mouth, they are all babies. Treat her like a baby and she will create a paradise in your home”.

Speaking on the need for a happy home, she said “An average man needs a soft woman, an average woman needs a strong man. Anytime you see yourself as a woman turning into a strong (arrogant) man towards your husband, you’re calling for the collapse of your marriage.

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She went further to advice fellow women on the reasons they should avoid the extremists and home breakers under the garment of feminism.

In her voice, “A real upholder of a woman in marriage does advice before a partner, she calls her to other in a secret arena and remains her secret Positive Pillar. Shun the tumult advice of the extremists and remain happy in your marriage today”.

There’s great confidence when around someone you’ve had sex with – Inem Peter

Nneka Owalla, Model and Writer is a woman of integrity who believes that sweet homes with uphold regards for men and women can exist. Even though it will not be easy, it can be will promoted. She is happily married with kids.

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