Good News:The Calisle Hotel, Asaba comes alive with better offers!

The Calisle Hotel, Asaba
The Calisle Hotel, Asaba

Asaba- Ugagaoghene Ogheneyole

A few months ago, many may have concluded that the Carlisle hotel which was in a state of the quagmire was irredeemable. Walking past the once elegant and strategically situated hotel, you can not, but just shake your head in despair at its sight in that state which it then was like all hope of revival seemed to be lost.

Yet in a swift twist, we began to see some remarkable and commendable changes going on in the hotel, building refurbished to the near new standard, interiors renovated to fit an exquisite luxury hotel for pleasure and comfort outside the home. The furniture totally replaced for 21st century classic royal choice furniture to march the new status.

In the passing days, the Carlisle hotel, which is strategically situated at a choice location opposite the legislative quarters at Okpnam road being one of the most secured areas in Asaba and just by the major road has been reinvigorated with glows and glamour, fully lighted up and now attracting people as a new beehive of leisure activities.

With the new blaze of glamour, one would simply wonder in disbelief how this hotel was brought back to life within a short while.

No doubt the hotel has a lot of advantages working for it, strategically the hotel is one of the most accessible in Asaba as it is just by the major dual carriage Okpanam road and by proximity less than five (5) minutes drive to government house, two (2) minutes drive to state house of Assembly complex, directly opposite legislative quarters, right beside crunches fast food and a trackable distance from the bank, midwifery market and a major mall in Asaba. It is also within the vicinity of the state secretariat, federal secretariat, police headquarters, and key Government offices.


The Calisle Hotel, Asaba
               The Calisle Hotel, Asaba

Located in the core Government reserved area, the security within this vicinity is second to none.

As if these features were not enough, the new managers have gone ahead to spice it up with the employment of professional staff, developed impeccable customer service, uninterrupted electricity, and ever chilled drinks.

With my few visits to the Carlisle hotel in recent times, the serenity is electrifying and edifying as the environment presents a first-hand relaxation experience.

My most spectacular moments are those moments when I sit at the open bar, with a bottle of chilled beer and appreciating nature with a gaze at the well-streamed flowers as I listen to people argue sports and talk politics.

Are you looking for an exquisite luxury relaxation spot with a touch of class and royalty yet very affordable, a place where you don’t have to worry about your safety or that of your car? Then the Calisle hotel is the place to be. Come and Have a Great Taste of relaxation at Calisle.

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