Business of Curbing Corruption is a Herculean Task- HOD ACTU

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A speech presented by the HOD  ACTU Mrs. Nnenna Nwobi on the induction ceremony of Students Anti-Corruption Vanguard (SAV) on Friday 28th August 2017.

The Ag Rector FPO
And the entire Management of FPO
Please permit me to stand on the already existing protocol.

I appreciate the hand work of Almighty God to whom all glory is given for today’s event. Today another seed is planted in our institution the polytechnic of the moment. My highest aspiration is that this seed which is an off shoot of ACTU will help to produce a corruption free institution.

I must not fail to appreciate the Chief Executive the Age Rector of the polytechnic of the moment, Mr. Ejike Nwabuona for his fight to curb corruption in the Federal Polytechnic Oko; Sir, your labour to this goal will be rewarded.

At the national lever, our dear President, General Mohammadu Buhari must receive our accolades for his relentless determination to entrench Anti Corruption in governance. Your Excellence, God is on your side and this corruption movement will definitely succeed. Wishing you quick recovery.

To ICPC you are welcome again to the Fed poly Oko, you are no more visitors but part of this institution and also very familiar with the terrain. The you all for the efforts you are putting in the fight against corruption.

I salute the Management of Fed poly Oko who has never ceased to provide credible support for this progressive team. You are blessed.

To all staff, I appreciate you all for imbibing this culture to change this institution to a real citadel of learning and not an institution of bribery and corruption, which if allowed would produce half baked graduates and mediocre.

To students of Vanguard you have a task ahead and do not be intimidated or relent in your efforts to curb corruption. To our SUG president and his Executives, thank u for joining the band wagon to fight corruption.

What is corruption- Dishonest or illegal behaviour especially of the people in authority, people that are willing to use their power to do dishonest or illegal things in return for money or to get advantage.

The business of curbing corruption is herculean task which demands strategic thinking, absolute concentration coupled with various initiatives to entrench best practices so as to reduce the scourge to the barest minimum.

Can we do this in order to have a better institution? If yes, I challenge you to join the student Anti Corruption Vanguard in the band wagon that fights corruption. Report all forms of corruption- bribery, illicit sex, gratification, sorting, etc to ACTU .

The victory against corruption must be through strategic partnerships between students, ACTU, Staff and Management. We all stand to gain when we kill corruption. A corruption free institution is an institution with inestimable asset. It is productive, respected and accepted in the comity of institution. ACTU guarantee you a conducive atmosphere.
You are all welcomed.

Shun corruption!! It is evil, its indeed evil, a monster that is ready to destroy you.

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