How Science and Technology has aided human development

In the last 100years, humanity had seen transformation in an amazing way, explored the latent power of creation , we have conquered air like birds; flown a metal in air, we have conquered the seas like a fish; drove a metal on water. It is so mad right?, I know too.

What haven’t we done? name it, we have super fast computers ,wireless communication, we have even sent a man to the moon , haven’t we even had gay marriages, crazy right?

Yes I know, but it is still an innovation,smiles, I’m sure our ancestors must be shocked in their grave,name it, we have gone so far!

We have proven smarter than those we met ahead of us,broken rules and set new standards , we now live longer lives with improved health care services but even at all these feats we still know so little about our universe , we are just like toddlers in the face of this unending possibilities, man might brag about his achievements but compared to what is possible, he jokes.

Latest research in science and modern psychology are now beginning to agree with eastern philosophies: take for instance; we are now discovering that man and the universe are constantly communicating, research is now proving that the universe is constantly responding to man and nothing happens by chances, we are now discovering that the mind has a strong influence over matter( Anything that has weight and occupies space).

For example: Dr JB Rhine through the work of his parapsychology laboratory at Duke University has proved that the minds of men have the power to affect inert matter.

Dr Rhine had a machine throw dice . The frequency of each number appearing was strictly in accordance with laws of averages. However, when a subject sat nearby and concentrated on a certain number , this desired number appeared much more frequently than chance would allow.

That means ,the probability of the occurrence of something in nature can be highly influenced by the decision of a man, it is that simple, your mind isn’t only restricted to your body alone ,it is a universal element though it belongs to you, it beats time and space and can be used to influence whatever you want to influence.

In my next post, I’d give you several evidences to show to you that, life isn’t happening to you,life is merely responding to you.

Until we understand this,we cheat ourselves and we live short of our potentials as humans.

You see, when humanity wakes up to the truth that they are constantly creating their experiences, then life will truly begin, there is no such thing as COINCIDENCE OR ACCIDENT.

You created all of your experiences or let me say you have agreed to have your current reality in life.

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