INITIAL GRA-GRA- Sunday Digest for Lovers

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You meet a guy or a lady and you hit it off immediately with the person, both of you can’t seem to hear enough of each other’s voice, chatting became so regular and you just start to imagine being around the person always and every form of idiosyncrasies of that person feels so cool with you and you begin to believe there is a great chemistry between both of you and you just can’t shake off the feeling that you have met the right person.
Then after a short while, maybe days, weeks or months the communication dwindles and you even care less if such person exists and you tend to ask if that was the same person you felt so magnetized to in just recent past.
You meet another person and then the circle begins just to go the previous way and on and on you experience this never ending tidal wave of affection
This is known as adrenal rush of love otherwise called initial gra-gra and many people have made serious mistakes confusing this for the real thing.
Many people have left a promising affair for another person as a result of this false feeling,many ladies have crossed the line to get pregnant for a guy who does not really want them during this stage and some people have destroyed their marriages by having an affair with another person just because of this crazy imaginary feeling while some men have proposed marriage to women during this stage just to realize latter that what they felt was just a flimsy wave of initial thunderbolt of a made believe affection.
No matter how crazy you feel at the start towards that person, please slow down and start as friends. Give it time like a year and make sure you observe that person keenly for red flags and you will come to know better if what you are feeling is the real deal or just a passing, flimsy, tidal facade called adrenal rush of desire which i call initial gragra.


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