JAMB lesson teacher filmed as he beats up female student in Lagos

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Jamb – Violence against women has been widely criticised by most people as they try to raise awareness about it. Sometimes this violence is not always between husband and wife but can also be between people in a position of power and their subordinate.

In Nigeria, it is common for teachers to flog their students as a form of discipline but this does not entitle them to cross the line and beat them up like thieves no matter their offence.

The report of a Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) lesson teacher who was spotted beating up his female student in a violent manner Recently gathered.

The male teacher was seen beating the girl with a stick before he discarded it and started slapping her.

According to Glambykora who posted the video on Instagram, the student’s offence was telling the teacher to stop beating her on his head and he felt she had no right to make such a statement and he can beat her anywhere he likes.

Since the video went viral many people have been moved by the display and they took to the comment section to air their views. See some reactions below:

Primusqueen: And who is the idiot in Red that couldn’t stop the guy, rather went to block the girl from camera. I am in shock, that they all stood there and watch that man maltreat the young lady,hmm what could be the girl’s crime or who is that man. We Nigerians shaa

Pastormildred: I’m just confused as to why no one but you tried to stop the violence. And you were too far away.

Cynthiajoe007: @ozone_phoenix even if the lady is a lunatic.. Her tutor isnt meant to hit her the way he did… We all wrote jamb and went to jamb lessons #sorry excuse of time wastage… They dont flog at those centres.. Your mojeed is a violent man

Purpleheart_vintage: This is why you hear children are beaten to death. Hitting on the head can cause trauma. Even death. He needs to be arrested too.

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