‘Notwithstanding the Legislature makes the law, the judiciary interprets it to them’-CJ SUG FPO

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Speaking on the ongoing occasion of the seminar/award giving ceremony of Ogbummuo Chamber of Bar Association federal polytechnic oko,4th Nov, 2017; the chief justice of the students union government federal polytechnic oko Anambra state, His Lordship Rt.Hon.Jst. Okeke Princewill educates the students on the importance of the judiciary in any government.

According to him, ‘ Notwithstanding the legislature makes the laws of the land, it is the judiciary who are saddled with the responsibilities of interpreting and applying  such laws’. In further clarification of his points, he stated that there are things one cannot talk about the impact of the judiciary without first understanding its component units or make ups and the overall meaning of the judiciary.

This led him to give the definition of the judiciary according to black law’s dictionary tenth edition as ‘the branch of government responsible for interpreting the laws and administering justice. Justice which in Latin is called “Justitia” in all intents and purposes means “Fairness” equality” equity and indeed giving one his due, he explained.

He further traced the foundation of justice back to the garden of Eden in his speech, stating that “Almighty God who is the Lord of Justice and Fair hearing gave our first parents, Adam and Eve,each his due when they disobeyed Him”.According to him, “God handed the judgement and gave each what each deserved”. This is the justice and indeed the foundation of justice which we, by framing and professional call had been called upon not only to exhibit but also to copiously defend at all furies materials; he emphasized.

“For a better judiciary, every person must be involved for us to feel the impact of the judiciary, the members of the bar, must be ready to play their constitutional role,the bar must at this time understand their roles in the nation’s judiciary and above all mutual relationship should be the watchword in order to move our nation forward-he concluded.

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