Jungle Justice: Are We Achieving The Justice?

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The Principles of  Rule of Law postulates that no one is above the law. In a society where the Rule of Law is functionally adopted, due process is followed in governance and constituted authorities are responsible and responsive in discharging their duties.

The citizenry have great role to play in upholding the tenets of justice in our Democratic setting today. In fact, what we envision is a utopia where the Law reigns supreme. Hence, in a democratic system of government, the electoral process should be transparent, fair and just. The fundamental rights of citizens under the Constitution should be protected and safeguarded. Extra-judicial killings and jungle justice should be unheard of and unobtainable.

It is unfortunate, however, that in our society, the Rule of Law is not jealously guarded and upheld. In a civilized society, the recent lynching and burning into ashes of one of the suspected  four kids and mother kidnapper in calabar yesterday would have been averted by prompt police response.  Whatever happened to the Constitutional provision of deeming an accused innocent till proven guilty? Where joblessness and corruption are the order of the day, responsibilities and sensible leadership have taken a back roll in our snail ride to development.

Well, this is not the time for blames but calls for action; actions which will make or mere our national integrity. The federal government have a greater role to play to save our dear Nigeria from this act of jungle justice. Our lawmakers should enact an enforceable policies or even criminalize the act.
The media are not left alone. The media agenda setting theory of the press should come to play. The media should raise a very serious campaign against jungle justice which would be aimed at educating the masses especially the youths on it’s greater evils and government stand on it.

Nigeria law enforcement agencies at all level should be well equipped to fight crime at all time. They should be up and doing; making sure justice,fairness and amongst all, Rule of Law is upheld in all their dealings because reports have it that the masses adopted jungle justice in order to make sure justice prevails because of the perceived injustice, bribery and corruption of officials.

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