Jungle Justice: The Citizenry Reacts

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STILL on the lynching and setting ablaze of one of the attempted kidnapper of four kids and mother who ran out of luck last week in the capital city of Cross River,Calabar precisely, we at #WinnersMediaConcept took to different social media platforms to conduct an opinion poll on what the citizenry are saying about jungle justice.

Sit back, relax and read on!

Opinion poll question

“Would you rather Lynch a criminal caught in the act or hand him/her over to the police?”

Tell us your view about jungle justice.

Rotr. Comr. Ikedi Ohaegbu Kevin (KevHandsome)
HND Final, Electrical/Electronics Engineering says:
I would never advice on taking laws into our hands because there is a legal body responsible for punishing law offenders
But then, I’ve come to understand that the reason behind the so called JUNGLE JUSTICE is the fact that most of these bodies in charge do little or nothing when such culprits are apprehended. Most times we hear cases of victims being freed because they have power, money or fame.
Another reason alike is the fact that the perpetrators of JUNGLE JUSTICE have might in one occasion or the other lost dear ones and victimized and would love to take action by themselves when such culprits are caught to show their grievances…
But then, I still believe JUNGLE JUSTICE is not the best. We should rather encourage the Judicial body that punish offenders to be devoid of Partiality and Favoritism and hence be the help the common man seeks.

Hon.Jst. Ebonyi Udodinma .C.
Taking law into our  hands is a very dangerous thing, most times people are killed for crime that does not deserve it…. Always hand a criminal to the police, then their case taken to the court and after proper interrogation and examination the crime committed will be weighed and right punishment passed to the offender… No matter what let the needful be done….
To lynch a criminal is never the right thing to do, even though jungle justice is borne out of corruption in our security system.

The law has made wide provisions to punish anyone that’s found criminally liable. Section 6 of the 1999 Constitution vests the judicial powers in our courts and as such if the court hasn’t pronounced anyone guilty, such person cannot be punished for any reason whatsoever.
Sadly enough, people now deliver judgement and execute it on the street without any sort of trials, death penalties are now being dished and served on alleged citizens anyhow. These are deviant behaviours that are against the social contract we all signed for. Jungle justice as a matter of fact violates the two cardinal principles of natural justice: audi alterem paten & nemo judex in causa sua. The former implies that no one must be judged or condemned without fair hearing or trial, while the latter means that you cannot be a judge in your own cause.

victims of jungle justice are still presumed to be innocent under the law until proven otherwise by a court of competent jurisdiction . By virtue of 36 ( 5 ) of the 1999 Constitution , “ every person who is charged with a criminal offence shall be presumed innocent until he is proved guilty.
#Lets educate the Citizens
#Say No To Jungle Justice

Hon.Jst. Ikuka Chimezie was very brief;
Well, in as much as there is lack of trust in the Justice system in the country, I still don’t think taking the law into ones hands is the way to go. If everyone starts taking laws into their hands, there will be chaos and anarchy.
Ikechukwu Jude Ndubuisi
I think the criminal should be handed over to the police for the law of the land to take it full cause,Jungle Justice incidents has lead to many innocent souls been maimed.
Comr.Rotr.Barr. MCD
I suggest that the criminal be tortured by the appropriate authority before handing over to police cos the police are now not even trustworthy in terms of discipline to law offenders instead they are after money. That was the reason why u see people consulting SARS to discipline unruly behavior.
But in all the police has to be contacted but the victim must receive severe pains before police intervention.
Shaddy Panda
Killing and stealing,  which is a greater crime?
I can’t be a party to jungle justice. And I am so against it.
Standing by the rule of law i strongly believe that to lynch a criminal is quite unlawful therefore constitution should speak on this ground to maintain law of ntural justice. So police first!
Eze Ugo
I will hand him or her over to the police because there is a punishment for every crime, i can’t just take law in to my hands.
Jungle justice is about taking law into your own hands and it is not suppose to be so. It is uncivilized,let the officers of the law do their job. So hand him over to the police is more preferable.
For Rosemary, Stanley Fred,Chioma and others, they will gladly hand any criminal caught in the act to the police for proper investigation and possible punishment.

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