Kobe Bryant and NINE OTHERS

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No doubt, the news of Kobe’s death is devastating.
An NBA super megastar for 20 years
Inspirational sportsman all his life
With records clearly written on pebbles
Remarkable success in sport, Business, and entertainment
Kobe’s brilliance is undoubtedly a model for everyone who wants to standout
But what can we say about THE NINE OTHERS?


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An amazing husband to Vanessa
A model to Gianna, Natalia, Diamente, Bianka, and Capri
Mamba is a symbol of purpose, passion, dedication, and greatness
Kobe wasn’t just extraordinary
He was a handsome 6.6ft tall black guy
Valued 300+ million boxes in 2016
But my question is, what about THE NINE OTHERS?

Kobe Bryant

On Sunday the 26th
The news of Kobe’s death shook the world
The agonizing words and tributes from both the great and mighty
Make me the question, but what about THE NINE OTHERS
Headlines were –
Kobe and other NINE PEOPLE killed by a helicopter crash
Helicopter crash kills Kobe and OTHER NINE PEOPLE
RIP Kobe, the NBA superstar dies in a helicopter crash
But I wonder who THE NINE OTHERS were

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Kobe’s death was sad but is the world happy for THE NINE OTHERS
Why is there no twitter trend on the NINE OTHERS?
Kobe’s was an NBA superstar but are THE NINE OTHERS of no value?
Come on, why are the faces of THE OTHER NINE not on every news channel?

It a sad reality.
Summarily, who and what Kobe represents stood him out in life and in death
Passion, desire and hunger to be the best-distinguished Mamba in life and in death
I haven’t been to Heaven but I know we all shall be rewarded by our contribution to humanity
Who are you, what are your purpose on earth, what will you be remembered for?
Are you a Kobe Bryant or THE OTHER NINE?


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