Lecturers Induced Carryover Sin Against Humanity

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Carryover which means re-sitting for a failed course, has became a part of academic activities. At first,carryover was used to know  students not serious with their academics in the higher institution.

In Nigerian polytechnics and universities, a ‘carry-over’ is synonymous with ‘failure.’ If a student fails a course, he or she has to re-take it the following semester, or another subsequent semester. So, to ‘carry over’ a course, means to re-take the same course.

Ordinarily, a student should be solely responsible for his or her own success or failure in school. But in Nigeria, it is not always clear-cut. While it is true that some students failed courses because they did not attend classes, did not study, did not understand the material, engaged in examination malpractices (and got caught) or similar reasons, this is not always the case.

Sometimes, students fail simply because they did not buy the lecturer’s handout or textbook. Others fail because they refused to give in to the lecturer or professor’s sexual advances. Some people fail because the lecturer has a personal vendetta against that them for whatever reason. In short, in these other cases, the reasons for failure are external and have nothing to do with the student’s effort or performance academically on a serious note, no hard working student would have carryover when they prepared ahead of it if not for these external forces as a result of changes which  have come,it is now observed that some students fail courses nor because they don’t know it or study hard but because of the lecturers.

A student of computer engineering ND 2 federal polytechnic Oko, Anambra state who speaks on anonymity said’ I  almost failed a course i know I wrote very well, it was to me as if I was dreaming but the reason was simple;I refused to sort, the worst is that there is no room for you to see your score before exam, thank God for CBT exam” he concluded.

A student of mass communication said “the truth is that most students don’t read again, they only read when it is quiz or exam, and such a student can easily fail”.  Reacting to some carryovers that was alleged, he said “I cannot over rule that it’s in existence, some lecturers are naturally wicked and it’s either you sort them or nothing more”.

An electrical electronics student said ” in my department one lecturer took it upon himself that he must be sorted, directly or indirectly no more no less, it takes the grace of God and thanks to CBT for those who didn’t sort pass”.

Why should a goat kept to guide a yam eat the yam kept under his custody? ,”Lecturers should please be ethical in their discharge of duties and maintain status quo” Emeka stated.

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