Let’s Be Honest!! If Buhari Wins, Do You See Him Taking Us To The Next Level?

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The results are trickling in, momentum is building, the pressure is piling up and in the next few hours, the president Of Nigeria for the next four years will be known.

Several political experts have given Buhari the “heads up” to win the elections. Why? One, he’s the incumbent, APC currently controls 23 states in the federation and lastly, we don’t trust Atiku, his main challenger having been part of the dreaded PDP administration that ruled the country from 1999-2007.
But let’s think it this way, Is there any way ahead with Buhari leading? Buhari might be 77 years old but he’s battling health issues that might hamper him from ruling this country successfully.
Secondly, there were little changes during the first four years. APC promised several things while coming on board but so far they’ve failed to accomplish those promises. Yes, there are jobs mainly through N-Power, but are they well paying jobs? Has the issue of electricity been resolved? No, some of us in some remote areas haven’t had light since Jan 1.
What of Security especially in the northern states where there are thousands of internally displaced people. Yet, the Buhari administration keeps preaching the gospel of Next level.
Let’s be honest, the question now is

Can Buhari Take Us To The Next Level If He Eventually Wins?

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