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Dear brothers,

I hope this note finds you in good shape of body, soul and mind, I trust that all is well for you wherever the clarion call has led you to? May he who created the heavens and earth keep you safe for our dear nation. However, I humbly implore you to read with keen attention what I will be saying in the next lines of this note.

Yesterday, I watched over the news with pure joy for you as you were officially inducted into the National Youth service corp; an avenue for you to serve our fatherland for the coming 12months of your life.

Indeed, I am proud of you. As I watched with awe, I recalled the days we talked about salvaging whatever place we found ourselves, for the best we can get, something to keep us surviving the aftermath of service. I wish to say I am sorry I couldn’t make it to join you guys, maybe in the coming months, i hope too that you ain’t disappointed in me? but my thoughts are honestly always with you.

Now, I urger you to;

1. Take hold of every opportunity you come across in camp, after camp and whenever any comes your way.

2. Live the best of life, some say, service year is an opportunity to flirt, meet new women, have fun and live freely out of family watch and grip, but I say to you, you can be better than that.

3. Learn to save. I sincerely do not want to see you broke and dependent after this service year. An old man said in a book I read “A PART OF WHAT YOU EARN IS YOURS TO KEEP”. By “keeping” he didn’t mean you should spend it, but save, invest and make it grow. I know things are tough, but it takes a determined soul to break out of any hard situation, so be determined and you can do it. Go to the suya and sharwama spot not because you feel like spending but probably you need to relax, spend the money wisely and agree within you a suitable percentage to save and invest.

4. Do not shy away from responsibilities, anything you are given, do it well, and trust me, they will always be someone beside you watching your actions, and like it or not, your actions today will determine your tomorrow and what you get. I have heard stories of people being retained after service, brother, it’s not magic neither is it entirely by who you Know, but by hard work. Remember, life gives you what you earn and work for.

5. Lastly, look around the environment you live in, identify a pressing need by the people who live there, be a solution to that problem, be innovative, create a market and trust me you will come back a victor. Reports have it that the NYSC board mobilizes over 300,000 corps members every year in a country that avails less than 5,000 jobs in 2 years, my wish is that you will come back to be your own boss, and employ others, I will be glad if I get a job from you.

In all, cling to God; the author and finisher of our faith. No matter the difficulty you face, stand tall and overcome, someday we gonna sit over a beer and laugh back at the years of struggle. I am still a Prospective corp member, so one may say I lack the experience to have said these things, but I pray you understand my point and where I draw wisdom from; Jehovah. Follow these words and return with a testimony, write them down that you may never forget.

May Service and Humility be your watch words..Amen

Best regards,

Winnerzblog Team


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