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Sometimes I don’t pity those sold or auctioned in Libya. Till tomorrow folks from the hood would still be seeking greener pastures in Libya, Egypt, and all Arabian countries.

Slavery has never been abolished in most of these Arab countries.

There are countries with strict  Visa entry. Arab countries and most of the Asian countries are known for this.

Saudi Arabia, North Korea top the list.
Iran, Syria are no-go countries.
they do not want you yet Nigerians and most sub-Saharan Africans would pay their life savings to enter these countries in the hope getting to Europe from there…

After the abolished slave trade, it’s on record that Arab countries still continue in the slave trade.

Must we endanger ourselves in the hope of seeking greener pasture? Yoruba adage says Okele gbigbe pelu irorun – better to reign in hell than to be a slave in heaven.

After Ghadafi death, Libya is not the same country again.  the country is in chaos, anarchy and doom, you read thousands of Nigeria dying to go to Libya.

I think it’s on to us we citizen to keep reminding our fellow citizens that there is nothing in these countries worth dying for. to die in your country is more honourable than being sold like Christmas  chicken in all these upcoming countries.


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