Success “Success Story” Threatened By Greed


Social media has been recently agog with the news that the lady behind the camera in the Success viral video,  Stephanie “Ofijoyce” has been crying out over being allegedly neglected by the parents of the little girl. She went further by stating that she feels she deserves one million out of the 5.5million that the family reportedly was said to have received.  
Nigerians are naturally greedy when it involves money and that’s the major issue here. It is also based on a poverty mentality amongst the lower-middle class and lower class income people. 

An average Nigerian wants to always be financially compensated when they do anything good. But an average person from any Western culture does not think in this way. Lots of times, when Nigerians see people on the road requiring help, most would only gather as a crowd watching, but not ready to raise a finger to help, even when they are in a good position to do so. There is a popular Nigerian adage that “nothing goes for nothing”. This type of ideology has  translated itself into our character as Nigerians.
The money being gifted to the girl was for her education. On the academic level, she still has a long way to go. The money does not belong to the parents of that girl, but rather to the little girl, as the parents are only acting as her custodians, until she turns 18. 

This issue is still too premature to be accusing the parents of not appreciating the lady behind the camera. Have they started spending the money themselves or the camera woman should be their most important focus that they should first give her her own “share” first? Even those Nigerian whistleblowers who are entitled to a percentage of the money, don’t get their entitlement as fast as the greedy lady is demanding. Perhaps she feels like if she does not start complaining very early that she may end up not getting the large amount of money she is expecting. 

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Even though the uploading of that video has brought the little girl into limelight, it was actually an illegal recording. She did not obtain an permission from the girl’s parents and could be sued for damages legally for that. She only intended to exploit the girl to gain more attention on social media. She never posted that video to help little success in paying her N900 school fees but was only exploiting a child for her own selfish benefit.
If she had played her cards right, she would have rather positioned herself to become the little girl’s manager. With the rising fame of the little girl, she can be in a better position of tapping into the potential of the little girl than her uneducated parents, and hence earning herself millions.

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Quite a number of sources have been quoting that the girl’s family had received in excess of 5m naira till date, but all these are only speculations. Nobody apart from the father of the girl, has direct access to the bank account to know how much was actually  received. Assuming it was 5.5m as widely reported, is such money large enough for her school fees in a top level institution, up to university level to the point of the little girl achieving her aspiration of becoming a lawyer? Many people may have made promises to help her education but promises does not always equate to actual financial assistance.

The lady may have a moral right to believe that she deserves to be appreciated, but in this kind of situation; one in which she has no legal right to the money, she is supposed to be patient enough to see if she will be appreciated or not in the coming weeks and hopefully any form of gratitude (financial or non-financial) she eventually gets from the case, she is not supposed to feel disappointed because the video has also brought her a large measure of popularity which she can leverage on without indirectly attacking the parents of the little girl and being so greedy to the point of quoting a specific amount that she feels she deserves. I won’t also be surprised if other relatives too are queuing up and expecting a cut of that money knowing the jealous and greedy nature of Nigerians. I only hope and pray that the light of this little girl is not extinguished in the course of time, due to selfishness of those around her, who like Miss Stephanie, believe that they are entitled to a cut from the “jackpot”. 

-Written by Amazuo Ugboaja.

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