Love at the First Sight is Social Crime Part 1

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It has really been a while fellow guys. Hope life been fair enough with you all. Am not here this morning to condemn anybody but the truth have to be told.

Respect to your feelings! But let me tell you at this point, life is not all about your feelings but others feelings towards you. How would you be described as in your absence? I mean by our female counterparts?

I have always stand firm against love at the first sight. Love doesn’t exist at the first sight rather infatuation. Forget those feelings you nurse when you meet a lady for the first time because they ain’t portraying you in good manner as a matter of fact, they are the reason you have been jumping from one relationship to another but none seems to be working.

How can a guy fall in love with ordinary picture of a girl he saw on social media? How can a guy meet a lady along the road, shopping mall,campus, etc and fall in love?? Does love exist in abstract? Your guess is as good as mine.

Over the time, I have been opportune to discuss with some ladies to get their view on how they feel  ‘when a guy they are meeting for the first time is asking them out,requesting for their contact details and digging deep into their personal life under minutes of meeting with them’. The response I get from these ladies will amaze you brother.

According to the statistics gathered, 50% of the ladies disgust men like this,30% tag such men jerks with the mind set they only want my body, 10% said they would freely give them wrong information and remaining 10% tag such men organized rappers.

Hey Guys! Those names are not good for us. Some guys today have missed their destiny helpers, real life partners because they front love (sex) at their first meeting with the lady sent to help their career thereby creating the wrong impression in them.

Justice Winner is a student of Mass Communication Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State. A Blogger and Upcoming Life Coach. He is the Group Chairman Winner’s Foundation.

#Watch out for part 2!

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