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By Comr Victor Chinonso.

Every tribe has one thing or the other which they hold most sacred, and those from that tribe always work hard to uphold that which is sacred.

In the old Igbo land Palm wine is considered sacred because of its natural contents and its importance in the sacred land of Igbo tribe BUT civilization came and introduced breweries which is so artificial to human body, some chronic illness such as Prostrate in men, Ulcer, Cancer of the liver ,low sperm count and poor ejaculation is possibly caused by Breweries products.

Honesly civilization especially our colonial masters really  dealt with the Igbo’s , every thing they brought during colonial era is FAKE and quote me anywhere we are still practicing FAKE DEMOCRACY, FAKE CURRENCY, and FAKE INDEPENDENCE . they saw that Igbo’s are highly intelligent that was why they are still supporting Nigeria to every level just to make sure that Igbo’s can never be freed.

So my advice to Igbo’s , since we have found out whom our real enemies are,let us come together with one mind and fight what belongs to us in a diplomatic way, we need to organize our home first by looking back to those things that contributed to our name which includes Igbo language Palm wine Farming Respect for elders Respect between husband and wife Training our children in our culture Fear of the unknown Hard working. I believe we really need to work on our selves with this by so doing Igbo identity will be restored in the face of the earth.

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