Moral Decadence Among The Youths: Who Is To Be Blame?

IN his address to the young people in Onitsha, in 1982, Pope John Paul II said: “A youth does not want to put up with the shortcomings of the status quo. A youth believes in a better world and is determined to do something to help bring it about”.

The dearth of the derive to make the status quo better is at the root of moral decadence. And when that happens among the youth as we are witnessing it today, the society, together with the church is in danger. The reason can’t be far fetched. The youths are the hope of the church and the society(Gravissimum Educationis,n.2).

A situation where the youth themselves are undermining and sabotaging the necessary efforts to improve on the status quo is, therefore, very pathetic and demands urgent attention.

The question remains, “Who is to be Blame?” The aim of this question is not so much to point accusing finger on anybody as to decipher what each should do to reverse and overturn the dangerous tide of moral decadence already eating deep into the fabric of our society.
It is an

obvious fact that the issue of moral decadence among the youth is hydra-headed,manifesting in different varieties and magnitudes. Such aberrations and abnormalities like examination malpractice, pornography, violence,abortion,alcoholism, immodest dressing, cultism,sexual promiscuity, bribery, ganstersim and smoking, to mention but a few, are fast becoming conventional even in some quarters where hitherto they ought not to be mentioned or named.

It has gotten to the level that an uncompromising attitude towards these anomalies is seen as being too rigid,old-fashioned, antiquated and outdated.

Today, there is a new sophistication to examination malpractice. And majority of students, even some teachers, do not see anything wrong with it. Today, pornography is more accessible, and some parents are not helping matters. For many, the person who looks askance at bribery has a problem,and not the perpetrators of bribery and corruption. Cultism and sexual promiscuity are on the increase on our various higher institutions campuses. Surely, our society is tangled in a quagmire.

Who is to be blame? Or rather, what shall we do?

he urgency and cogency of these challenges made our editors delve into the search for the discovery of the cause of the lacuna and how to fill it up.

A survey conducted by our investigative team, have it that pastors,parents, teachers and the youth themselves have roles that must be played to deliver our generation from the deadly evils of moral decadence.

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