#Motivation: Capacity is Capability

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They said; “It’s not how badly you want something; It’s about what you are capable of! ~Zootopia

I have looked closely to those words again and again, and while I strained my eyes beyond the words into the deeper meaning, my eyes caught two roads!

One of the roads was actually so big, as straight as dried spaghetti, well tarred, not even a single pothole! No road men to ask for one thing or the other.

I just walked blissfully and gracefully until I got to my beautiful destination. The only energy expelled, is the one used in walking, nothing more.

But the second road? Oh my! I chose to walk through it. It was my decision because there was a need for me to take that route.

Immediately I stepped my leg into it, it was from one pothole to another, at some point I fell to my face, stood up and wearily continued my journey.

I trudged along with my mind focused on my gentle footsteps that seemed to echo throughout the desolate street.

I got to a particular point, the road men stopped me and for over an hour they delayed me, asking for one identity card or the other.

Not even a single traffic light, dirt track and bushes everywhere! I bit my tongue at each attempt to hold myself from falling. I cried and announced to my entire being. ” I will not take this road ever again”!

Boom! I was at end of the road and to my greatest surprise it was the same beautiful destination as the one I got to, through the other smooth and soothing route.

Those were my experiences in regards to my capacity. In your life’s journey, there are things you are capable of.

Your experience doing them, is like the first road I travelled on. It comes naturally with you. They are wired into your mindset. They are your core values.

I know that, if it has to do with writing, reading, teaching(this includes a lot!), travelling and researching, it is always a smooth sail for me. I can do them even in a blank, noisy, irritating, tired, hungry or even angry state!

The hard work is no work at all. The first road is simply what I travel on, always! That is where my 100% capacity lies and I will always land my beautiful destination with no bad sweat.

But when it comes to Web Development basics(HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP) It was only a forty to fifty percent capacity.

I needed extra sixty to fifty percent capacity and as much concentration to understand simple tags at the time I took that lesson. How much more high-level language like python and others.

The Beautiful thing is that at the end of the struggle, with a force of persistence, hunger for success and immune against giving up or failure, I still met the same beautiful destination of SUCCESS.

The first thing is; identify what you are capable of. Be sincere and outline them, know them! It is better you know them so you can easily discover the niche you want to work in, where you can easily maximize all of your potentialities.

Beyond your capability, there are skills that you do not have much capacity in but YOU STILL NEED THEM for your life, business and wealth creation success.

Do not say; is not my thing and then you back off, instead understand that it requires effort on your part to master them, as they are important for your life’s success.

You may want to give up became of little or no interest, like the second road I travelled in my imagination but if you truly need it, why give up?

If they are not Important in your journey why kill time in it?

I hope you got the message; know what you are capable of and keep expanding on it. And for the one you are not so capable in but needs it for your success, just put in your effort and you will soon be perfect in it.


To Your Life and Business Success,
Sophia Ezenwa.


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